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Graphics is the Key!

Graphics cannot be underestimated as the most important element of a web site.

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From logos to photographs, the web is basically a text and graphics medium.

Icons with text overlays are the best navigational aide on the web.

The user must be drawn in and easily hyperlinked to explore the full site.

Users will not work to make up for poor organizational structure of sites.

Good graphics is the best means to draw the user into the site.

The World Wide Web. Imagine reaching the whole world as a potential audience!

Explode the value of your advertising! The high price of traditional advertising can be expanded in an explosive fashion. Simply put your internet address ( on your existing advertising.

A one-column ad or one page flyer "explodes" into a web site at the least the size of this page!

Travel Sites!

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Here is the web design approach for your travel site! We have the experience to make your web site work. Get started today on a great site.

Web Sites of Every Design

One Page Ad. The classic web page is still well worth doing right! The web is still basically a text medium so there is a premium on good writing, clarity and organization. Above all the finished page must reflect the essence of your travel site or organization.

We put a 100k limit on pages in order to download quickly regardless of the modem speed. Photos in particular must be compressed properly while maintaining quality.

Online Brochure for Your Site. An online brochure is simply a multi-page brochure that is placed online. However, the particular requirements for the internet are different than the print brochure. Links are analogous to turning pages, but the design is different. We know the mistakes to avoid. Good navigational organization is a must!

Photos that truly illuminate the web page actually have a greater chroma scale than the glossy print photo requiring expensive paper. Yet most web photos show the "dread scan darkness" from the capture process. The web medium has yet to be fully exploited!

Storefront. Sell your products on the internet, the true global market. This kind of web site offers some combination of a shopping cart, online credit card processing and more.

You never know what product may take off and become a big seller. The Storefront web allows your site to take care of high volumes if your sales reach those heights!

Turnkey Web Site. This package includes the whole deal!

  • Complete web site design

  • Logos and navigational icons

  • Your own domain name

  • Web hosting for one year

  • Placement on search engines

Let us take care of all your web page woes before the world passes your business by.