Virgin Gorda Tour

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The second largest island in the BVI, Virgin Gorda means "Fat or Pregnant Virgin," so named by Columbus for its shape as seen on the sea’s horizon. Of volcanic origin, Virgin Gorda has a mountainous center, the location of Gorda Peak National Park, that connects three very different worlds: the waterworld North Sound, its secluded Beach Coast and the boulder-strewn plains of The Baths and The Valley–Virgin Gorda’s main habitation. See Map.

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Sights, Scenic Drives & Water Cruises

Valley Square

A fun place to tour with a sunny, friendly disposition, The Valley basically stretches out in a square with extensions on the North-South ends leading to interesting places.

Begin at the ferry dock near the Yacht Harbour, this time taking a quick right going out along the same coast.

The level road along the coast (Lee Rd.) makes a good walking tour as well.

Reached by turning left at the "T’, a tiny round-about (for practice in the big city), The Baths is an excellent area for touring by foot, since it is so quickly swept by in a jeep.

Coming back from The Baths, take the first right to go to the other side of The Valley Square. This is Millionaire Road.

Take the right at another "T" and follow that with an unlikely left at Coppermine Rd. to go to the Coppermine Point for the ruins. The effort to find this can be rewarded with a refreshment at the Mine Shaft, on the left just before the paved section of the road ends.

Travel further on the unpaved road to go to the Coppermine ruins.

Coming back from the Coppermine area, go on up the far side of The Valley Square.

Past a picturesque jog in the road at a church, the airport is reached by turning right at the police station on an improbable narrow road.

The beautiful Virgin Gorda airport is a "must stop" on the tour. At a rocky hillside with a goat herd, there is a vista to the airport, reef and coast.

Go on down the hill and stop for a drink at the Flying Iguana right beside the airport terminal.

Coming back out, take a right at the entrance road by the police station.

Now back to your previous route, take a left at the "T" (the Road over Gorda Peake) and the next right to go to Little Dix Bay to conclude the tour.

While Little Dix Bay is on the Beach Coast from the Channel side, it shares aspects of The Valley from the the land side.

On the way out, stop at Thelma’s, a local bar, for a game of darts.

Road Over
Gorda Peake

Connecting The Valley and the North Sound, this scenic journey combines climbs and descents with views into the different worlds of Virgin Gorda.

Begin again at the ferry dock near the Yacht Harbour. Follow the road straight out, up the side of The Valley, passing the distinctive fence of the Olde Yard Inn on the left.

Cutting through a ridge will present views of two coasts at its narrow isthmus here at Savannah Bay, appearing in the foreground before the seaswept vista to the Upper Beach Coast.

Dip down through this narrow neck, like a minor coastal coaster ride, before the climb up Gorda Peake.

View back to The Valley
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Near the top of the mountain, there are turnoffs to Gorda Peake, at 1,370 feet the highest point on Virgin Gorda and a 265 acre National Park, one of the best examples of Caribbean dry forest in the region.

Vantage points along the road present views to the far reaches of Virgin Gorda as it slips through the narrow isthmus at Biras Creek and wraps half around the North Sound, separating it from the ocean on the horizon and the South Sound on the right.

Coming into the Top of Gun Creek village is the chance to stop for refreshments at one of several snack bars.

The descent down this steep moutainside village is spectacular with views to the Sound Sound with the breaking surf on its emerald reef generally on the right.

Wrapping around to the left often are the panoramic views to the North Sound, especially out to the "island" mountain location of the Bitter End.

The turnoff to Leverick Bay, on the left going down, bumps and grinds along the contour of the mountainside, with great views of Eustatia and Prickley Pear islands with tiny Saba Rock near the Bitter End and Necker Island behind.

Finally, the road cascades down a series of ridges through the villas of Leverick Bay and actually finds some level ground at the parking lot for the resort.

Go straight down to find the most charming part of Gun Creek, as the road descends across the face a steep mountain ridge, dotted with picturesque Caribbean homes and breathtaking views.

At the bottom is the mouth of Gun Creek with its ferry dock, affording transit to the Bitter End and the launch to Biras Creek.

North Sound
Water Cruise

Get a boat and be happy! While other BVI places can be reached by land, fortunately, everyone must travel by water within the North Sound.

The other good thing is that there are a great many free ferries and launches provided by others for obtaining patrons.

And for cruisers and others with their own small boat, there are dinghy docks everywhere.

So the boatless traveller will want to have a pocketfull of quarters, or a VHF radio, and about six phone numbers. Let someone else drive!

Follow this Tour North Sound icon for more detailed descriptions of traveling over water–and even land on occasion!

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Small dinghies with outboard engines can be rented at Leverick Bay Water Sports Centre and Bitter End Water Sports.

Leaving Gun Creek in the wake of the Biras Creek launch or charter/rental dinghy, boatside views of the North Sound open up. Head to the confined end of the Sound at Biras Creek. The mountain on your right is Great Hill.

Get off at the Marina Village for a tour of Biras Creek.

Despite the generalization about water travel, this is a place where a genial hike on a walking trail to the Bitter End is proper behavior on the North Sound.

The trail reaches the Poolside Bar area on the outskirts of the Bitter End.

A beautiful cliffside walk reaches the inner suburbs near the Quarterdeck Marina, Emporium and English Pub.

Now we are in the heart of the Bitter End at the landmark Reception Building, the Clubhouse restaurant and the famous Almond Walk.

Time for a refreshment!

Luckily, those who want to tour Eustatia Sound by water are at the water sports rental capital of the world!

Others can call Saba Rock for a free launch pickup. While there, tour the tiny resort with the big heart.

Patrons of the informal Sand Box on Prickley Pear’s Vixen Point or the more elegant Drake’s Anchorage on Mosquito Island can do the same. Both islands have great hiking trails!

Leverick Bay is a notable stop on our tour, and is the alternate land terminus to the part of Virgin Gorda that has roads.

Finally, our return to Gun Creek can be by land or sea. Remember the free Bitter End ferry always goes to Gun Creek