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The magnificent North Sound of Virgin Gorda is a truly unique place.

Accommodations are located at the resorts lining its shores, which include two of the most famous resorts in the world, the Bitter End Yacht Club and Biras Creek Resort. A newcomer to the area is the Saba Rock Resort. Also, the Leverick Bay Resort is here–which consists largely of associated villas on the hillsides of Leverick Bay (new frames).

Saba Rock Resort

Right at the juncture of the North Sound and Eustatia Sound, Saba Rock is an exotic locale on a unique cay.

SabaRockResortSection4.jpg (8015 bytes)

The North Sound’s newest resort, the increasingly popular Saba Rock Resort (495-7711 email) has villa, suites and other accommodations, many with A-frame loft ceilings offering spectacular views of the North Sound.

Villas, popular with families and two couples, have two bedrooms, full kitchen, living and dining rooms and wrap around porches.

Suites are spacious with two queen beds, large showers and private porches. The Beach Studio is popular with divers and the Boathouse is priate at the breakwater end of the cay.

Included are free ferry pickup from the airport and free ferry trips to anywhere on the water wonderworld of the North Sound and Eustatia Sound. Every kind of water sports, activities, and cruise are available nearby!

Biras Creek Resort

One of the most exlusive resorts in the world, Biras Creek can only be reached by water in its far corner of the North Sound.

Biras Creek Resort (494-3555) is a "best kept secret."

Bitter End Yacht Club

Especially popular with honeymooners, the Beachside Villas are set up on hillsides above the water, ensuring privacy with great views.BitterEndSlice(ScubaMom).jpg (5900 bytes)
Commodore Suites, pictured above, have Polynesian style suites that can be connected for up to 6 in a family.

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A paradoxical resort where activity and solitude meet, the Bitter End Yacht Club in the North Sound offers an exceptional vacation in unique tropical setting.

The sailing and water activity programs at the Bitter End are the best in the world.

See Villas on the Hillsides of Leverick Bay for villas in the North Sound area.