So we’re stuck at the airport–any ideas?
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Ok, you’re stuck at the Beef Island airport. Just don’t forget that people pay big money to get here. So while you’re waiting to be picked up by your resort, or whatever, why not make the most of it?

There’s food, beverages, galleries and gift shops within walking distance. And, for those especially who traveled by air, a not-to-be-missed ferry ride to Marina Cay.

Look for a clump of palm trees in the direction of Trellis Bay. Underneath is the colorful Trellis Bay Market welcomes those who may want a carry out refreshment for relaxing with on their inviting porch.

Next door, Flukes Designs workshop and gallery welcomes browsers to peruse their handpainted T-shirts, pictures and maps as well as other local crafts.

In the other direction, BVI Boardsailing has an internet cafe. Connect to the internet and retrieve your email while having a soda or snack.

Further on down the road is an authentic Carib Indian Dugout Canoe. Aragorn’s Studio also has individually designed T-shirts, such as the very popular woodcut print on canvas with hand-painted background as well as Carib Indian-made baskets, calabash with seeds, and "root snakes"

The beach here is a beachcomber’s dream and further down and through the thicket is the Beef Island Guesthouse’s De Loose Moogoose for simple grilled items at their snack bar and bar (try a "No-see-um" rum punch).

If you have the time, an especially alluring prospect may entice you to take the longer ferry ride to Marina Cay, a unique tropical isle. Refreshments at Pusser’s Porch Grill, shopping at its company store or a drink at its Sunset Bar is a great way to end your trip to paradise!

You may never make it back here on this or a future vacation!

I’m in the BVI–What Now?