I’m in the BVI–
What Now?

Remember this–there are no rental cars at the Beef Island airport. But lots of taxis. If you are going to Virgin Gorda, take the North Sound Express (5-2271) ferry here at Beef Island. If you are going to the The Valley/Yacht Harbour (The Baths area) on Virgin Gorda specifically, be sure and call to make a reservation at least four hours ahead.

At booking, see if your resort or charter company will pick you up. If not, take a taxi (see location of charter companies). The drivers are very knowledgeable about the island. See taxis and fares.

You can arrange a rental car to be delivered to your lodging if you chose. See car rentals.

Ferry Arrivals. If you arrive by ferry at the West End (Soper’s Hole) or Road Town, there will be rental cars available as well as resort-pickups and taxis.

The same is true on Virgin Gorda at The Valley/Yacht Harbour, except that the taxi companies are also the rental car companies. No problem, mon!

For anything more complicated, email us.

So We’re stuck at the airport.