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Tortola Villas
Limin’ in luxury
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Located on Tortola, the BVI’s main island, luxury villas attract limin’ or relaxing in the island style. Beautiful pools like the cliffhanger at the Shannon House provide great ambiance as well as spectacular views!

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This setting shows the relaxing ambiance at Spy Glass Hill villa, with its airy, lacy elements of great island style.

West Indian "Great Room"

The typical "great room," such as the Seashell villa above, creates an intimate place of great warmth by integrating the rafted living room, dining nook and fully equipped kitchen with the adjoining verandah or balcony.

Amenties include airport pickup and dropoff, daily maid service, cable TV/VCR, CD/tape player, fax/answering machine, wet bar and a beautiful pool.

Favorite vacation villas on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands attract long time guests, who frequently comment on the friendly hospitality of this island archipelago as well as the villas’ elegant island style.

A hammock in a great room or a lounge chair by the pool, all in casual but elegant surroundings, this is the vacation life on Tortola.

Spectacular views overlooking the azure sea, with emerald reefs and vistas to outlying islands.

Beautiful Pools

Pools come in all shapes and sizes, from walk-ins to cliffhangers like the Shannon House pool above, but all with great views of mountainsides and seas.

Linens & Veiled Lighting!
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Spacious bedrooms provide ample sleeping quarters for families and groups with antiques, furniture and fabrics
‘woven’ in distinctive decor.

Exciting Vacation Options!

Do plan a fun outing to St. Thomas for
great shopping!

Do you drive on the left, old chap? Sporty jeeps are a vacation adventure. The best way to get out on the water in this tropical archipelago–day sails!

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