Cane Garden Bay
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View from Arundel Villa balcony (email)
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Cane Garden Bay. This tropical mountain valley sweeps down to a beautiful crescent of a beach. Everyone’s favorite!

ArundelHousePool.jpg (4916 bytes)Arundel (email) (more) (also) represents the ultimate in a luxury getaway high above Cane Garden Bay. Many famous people have vacationed here.

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Shannon House. Your patio in the clouds, its pool overhanging Cane Garden Bay far below–architectural design at its most exciting!

CaneGardenBayBeachfrontVilla.jpg (8757 bytes)Cane Garden Bay Beach House is a quality furnished villa right on the beach.

Other villas include Bayside House

See Inns and Guesthouses at Cane Garden Bay for more information on other kinds of lodging, most close to the beach.

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