Lost on Ridge Road?
No Frames Frames

The solution is simple, my friend. Just turn up the radio, put on a reggae station and bounce along in your rackety jeep–no problem, mon. This is the destination!

The only possible thing that could go wrong is if you make a wrong turn, and come down from the top of paradise!
So we are goin’ to be givin’ you a guide, so you will always stay on top.
RR-WindyHill5.gif (2647 bytes)

We are going to begin at Windy Hill, a nice but nondescript little place in the woods, where Cane Garden Bay Road and the North Coast Road join at the western end of Ridge Road.

The squiggles are switchbacks–great driving fun!
Arrow-RRPlainRIGHT.gif (1294 bytes)

The turnoff to Mt. Sage goes up on the Channel side. Look for a donkey at this intersection. This donkey is known to accept treats in return for giving these directions. The most important thing to remember, when traveling in the direction toward the east or airport end, is that all the major routes taking you off Ridge Road, all go to Road Town on the Channel side.

aClearGIF15h-15w.gif (829 bytes)

RR-JoesHillRoad2.gif (6367 bytes) Going East, stay up to the left at the Skyworld sign at Joe’s Hill Road. Going West, look for the little outside bar seen here by the roadside at the turnoff to Cane Garden Bay. Stay up to the left to go on to Sage Mt. and Windy Hill. Simple, right?
Next is the most heavily used section of Ridge Road–the route from Road Town to Cane Garden Bay briefly transits Ridge Road here. Arrow-RRPlainUP.gif (1206 bytes)

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Arrow-RRPlainRIGHT.gif (1294 bytes)

This section of Ridge Road is perhaps its finest–great views, mountain-top pastures, a jaunty drive. Ah, the exuberant feeling of being on top of the world–despite the steep hillsides without guardrails.
The easiest "turn" to miss going east is pictured here. What looks like little more than a driveway off the "main" road going straight is Ridge Road in disguise. RR-GreatMtRoad5.gif (7724 bytes)

Arrow-RRPlainUP.gif (1206 bytes)

So look for the concrete "planter" acting as a divider (actually a retaining wall) when going east and go up. Going west, simply avoid turning off to the right to Brewer’s Bay at Cool Breeze Bar, so named for this open breezy location.
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Gradually we come into the highland Caribbean "suburbs" of Upper Hope. Again stay straight at Belle View Rd going east. If you appear to be in someone’s driveway going up to their small patio wall by their door, you are on Ridge Road! Going west, turn left at a high hillside roadcut to Belle View Rd. to go to Road Town. Watch on the right for a local bar painted blue just before the turn.

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aClearGIF15h-15w.gif (829 bytes).
Going east, Ridge Road takes a long glide down through Long Look to the East End.

One "turn" almost impossible to miss sweeps sharply to the right onto Little Dicks Rd. Also here is Josiah’s Bay Rd. to the left. Holding straight goes up via a "shortcut to Lambert Bay.

Going west, simply follow the good paved road, bearing left and up, past Josiah’s Bay Rd.

Ridge Road actually begins at a large white police building on the "flat" coastal road (Blackburn Hwy.). Lambert Rd. to Lambert Bay also connects here in the East End.