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St. Eustatius
Getting to the Hidden Paradise

Statia. Short for St. Eustatius, Statia remains a relatively unknown and hidden paradise, with beaches and diving as well as a dormant volcano like nearby Saba. In particular, Statia is rich in history as an important port and center of trade back in the days of sail.

Rich History

Once the Caribbean’s wealthiest port and prominent in the slave trade, with thousands of ships anchored in the bay each year and hundreds of warehouses on shore, Statia reached its peak during the British blockade of its American colonies during the Revolution when trade (and gunpowder) was diverted through the Caribbean (illustration: Wikipedia). Sacked by the British fleet in 1781, the waterfront fell into disrepair. With such a rich history, Statia has many historic structures, especially the area around Fort Oranje in the center of Statia’s capital city, Oranjestad ("Orange"). Visit its world-class history museum (see slideshow).

Airport. The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Airport (EUX) is Statia’s only airport.

Taxis and Rental Cars. Rental cars and taxis are available at the airport.

Local Carriers. Winair, Statia’s main local carrier, has several daily, twenty-minute flights a day to St. Maarten’s Queen Juliana International Airport as well as Saba. Also, Caribbean Sun now connects Statia to San Juan. Passengers with carry-on luggage only (or checked through luggage) may avoid immigration at St. Maarten airport. Luggage may be flown later if aircraft weight limits are reached by the passenger load, so carry on an Overnight Bag.

Ferry Service. Statia has no ferry service.

Accommodations. While there are no resorts or hotels, Statia offers several inexpensive guesthouses.

Quill. A favorite of hikers, the collapsed cone of this extinct volcano forms a crater containing dense tropical rainforest, towering kapok trees, rare orchids and 50 species of birds, including the rare blue pigeon known to frequent breadfruit trees.

Multi-National Archipelago. The nearby islands of St. Maarten/St. Martin, Anguilla, St. Barths and Saba are well worth a day trip or side excursion. Sharing St. Maarten/St. Martin’s dual Dutch/French, multi-national personality, Saba is Dutch, Anguilla is British and St. Barths is French, while Statia is also Dutch.

Delays and Overnight Bag. Luggage and flights may be delayed so carry on an overnight bag with a day’s necessities, including medicines, clothing and a bathing suit as well as reading material and snacks if desired.

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