For a remote location, such surprisingly sophisticated dining

Rev up the old dingy outboard, or take the ferry, water taxi, or even hike, yes boaters have been known to hoof it–it’s time to dine. Well, let’s have a drink first, we are sailors after all, and it’s sunset.

This is what we’re looking for, the hat on the castle–have you had too much to drink before we get started?

No, it’s just Biras Creek, a most exotic destination, check the map (which indicates a 40 minute hike) to see if we are on the right "trail."

BitterEndSunset(Kelly)icon.jpg (5744 bytes)Two of the most entrancing places in the islands for sunset cocktail are the bar at Biras Creek and Pusser’s Terrace Restaurant at Leverick Bay, although this picture was taken at the Bitter End (from Kelly’s Trip on Trouble).

Biras Creek also offers some of the finest cuisine in the islands.