The last outpost of the British Empire

The Bitter End Yacht Club represents a touch of Britiannia at the last outreaches of its once vast maritime empire. The architecture is an interesting mixture of British culture and the island influences inevitably to which it yields.

So inevitably too, the Bitter End is actually a resort more than a yacht club. Yes, it is true that there are a myriad of boats, a marina and water-related activities here, and plenty of energy and ambition to allow the visitor to do and see everything.

But the Bitter End has a whole tropical island and two sounds in which to stretch out only 100 rooms.
So the traditional clubhouse gives way to the Polynesian Commodore Suites up the hillside and the Beachside Villas scattered along a beach (see Lynn McKamey, the ScubaMom’s insightful review).

Yes, this resort offers an atmosphere of casual dress amidst well-run, fun-loving activities for enjoying the many interesting aspects of the islands.

But relaxation and seclusion is also a characteristic of the Bitter End as the tropics say "slow down, mon–all that motion, all it ever gets you is an early grave."