The Grand Central Station of the water

And beautiful anchorages so vast that swinging on a hook is a joy! Simply watching the procession of events as they unfold is fascinating. Vessels making their way along the sweep of the Lesser Antilles to the coast of South America may stop at the North Sound’s sheltered waters.

Every kind of boat and water activity is available in the North Sound–sailing, trips to secluded beaches, laser catboats, diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, 10 h.p. dingies, deep-sea fishing (the North Sound is a destination for famed Blue Marlin fishing), Hobi Cats, water taxis, 19′ Rhodes daysailors, starlite cruises, parasailing, waterskiing, sea kayaks, 30′ Freedom cruising yachts, rowing shells, J24 racing sloops, snorkeling over seagrass, jet skis, instruction, sunfish, excursions to Anegada–and even non-water activities like hiking!

After a strenuous day on the water or lounging on a beach for that matter, it’s time to see what’s for dinner and maybe an island drink at sunset.

To Sunset Cocktails