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Lois McMillen Murder

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Court TV:
Death In Paradise

Case in Pictures

A long-time visitor to the BVI at her parent’s Tortola villa, Lois Livingston McMillen, a Connecticut artist, was found dead near Soper’s Hole on erosion-control rocks, her body battered severely on the head and face, after death by drowning. The four Americans arrested were the son of a neighboring villa owner and his house guests. See A Safe Haven Turns Deadly by John Springer in The Hartford Courant (photo: ctnow.com).

Three of the four Americans, Michael Spicer, Evan George and Alexander Benedetto, were freed on a directed verdict. The fourth, William Labrador, was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. Despite the lack of forensic evidence tying any defendant directly to the scene, the jury returned a verdict based on circumstantial evidence, largely the testimony by convicted felon, Jeffrey Plante, that Labrador confessed to the murder while in prison.

Labrador has appealed.

American Appeals Conviction
Appeal: Labrador Conviction Upheld, Benedetto To Be Retried, Spicer Freed (More-Assoc. Press)
Murder Appeal to
Be Heard in October, Judge Says

Labrador Files Appeal,
Says Judge, Prosecutor Unfair
LI Man Appeals Murder Conviction

Labrador Greeted in Prison by
Crying, Shouting

Recalling Life in Tortola Jail
A Vow to Appeal Verdict

Guilty, the Day After

American Convicted of Murder
Labrador Sentenced To Life
Guilty of Island Murder
Southampton Man Sentenced to Life

American Convicted of Murder
William Labrador Found Guilty;
Sentenced to Life in Prison
Jury Decides: Labrador Versus Plante

Outcome Yields Differing Verdicts
Which Man Will the Jury Believe?
Reporter’s Notebook: Blue Suits,
Conch Fritters, Little Secrets

Lawyers Wrap Case: Fate Rests With Jury
Closing Arguments Made
Defense Rests
As Defense Rests, Star Witness Called a Liar
Prison Informant, Ex-wife Together Again
New Tortola Twist In Slay Trials More Charges
Prosecutors Try to Jail Freed Defendants, Without Success, Who Post Bail, Go to U.S

Three Defendants Freed
Three Go Free But LI Resident
Still Facing Murder Charges

Three American Men Acquitted,
Out on Bail on Lesser Charges

Three Walk Free After More Than Year Behind Bars, Labrador to Face Jury
Ruling Issuing the Directed Verdict

Defense Asks Case Dismissal
McMillen Murder Trial Winds Down
Judge to Rule Thursday on
Whether Case Will Continue

U.S. Men Face Island Justice, Island Fear
Defense Opposes Alternative Charges

Will the Case Go On?
Prosecutors Seek Lesser Charges
Prosecutors: Evidence Enough to Convict
Prosecutor Wants Jury to
Consider Lesser Charges
Murder Case Will Not End in Mistrial
Judge to Consider Mistrial re
Jurors Running Errand

Arguing For Dismissal
Defense: Case Confusing, Flawed

Defense Says Prosecutors
Failed to Prove Case

Defense Asks Judge to Throw Out Case
Defense Attorneys Ask for Case to be Thrown Out

Prosecution Rests Case
Prosecution Rests
Jurors Visit the Scenes of
Murder Victim’s Last Days

Jury Field Trip Prolongs Prosecution Case
Prosecution Case Winding to Close
Police Say Suspect Benedetto had
Relationship with Victim, Chose to End It
Sand Testimony Not Much to Stand On
Geologist: Sand Suggests
Def. Labrador Not at Scene

"Confession" Attacked
Defense Denies Cellmate’s Testimony
Some Light Moments as Witness’ Replies
Border on Comic Relief
Inmate Says Two Former Cellmates
Had Affair with Slain Artist

Island Murder Mystery
Laughter, Evasions Mark

Star Witness’s Testimony
Key Witness on Cellmate:
Defendant Confessed to Murder

Key witness is part Prince Charming, part frog

Inmate Testifies about
Conversations with Murder Suspect
Star Witness, a Convicted Swindler,
Testifies for Prosecution

Forensic Evidence Presented
McMillen Trial Shows Up
Inefficiencies at HM Prison

Expert: No DNA Evidence
Bolsters Defendants’ Case
American Artist Tested Negative for Drug Use
Defense Questions Forensic Expert;
Crucial Prosecution Witness Won’t
Take the Stand

Expert Rules Out Suicide in Death

Suspects’ Families Allege Harassment
By Cops in Letter

Interview with Lois McMillen’s Parents
Forensic Detective Hardley’s Deposition

Trial Opens
Testimony Points To Blood On American’s Shoe

Defense: Death in Tortola Was a Suicide
Police Probe Questioned by Defense

Tortola Murder Testimony Bares Police Bumbling

Autopsy Deposition of Chief Medical Examiner
Reporter’s Notebook: Justice on a Small Island– With Links to Defendant’s Pretrial Depositions;
McMillen Murder Trial Gets Underway in Earnest
Defendant had Affair with Victim, Jury Learns
Victim’s Mother Takes the Stand
Key Piece of Evidence Is Gone;
Chief Inspector Provides
Little Ammo for Prosecution
Evidence Circumstantial,
Prosecution Admits as Tortola Trial Opens

Trial To Begin April 2
Trial Begins in Artist’s Slaying
Stormy Love Affair Clouds Slay Case

Families Prepare to Head to Court Monday
Island Murder Mystery
Trial Begins (AP)

New "Low Copy" DNA Examined
Judge: Trial Starts April 2, Ready or Not
McMillen Murder Trial Set for April 2nd

DNA Tests Delayed
Star Witness in Trial Arrested in Road Town
Could Case Hinge on Convicted Swindler?
Endowment Honors Life of Murdered Woman
MurderMystery in Island Paradise
Former Portland Street Kid Keeps Spirit in Jail

Trial Delayed Until March
Judge Grants Trial Delay until March so that
DNA Evidence can be Better Analyzed
Long Wait Not Unusual in BVI Murder Trials

"Low Copy" DNA Testing Time At Issue

All Four Suspects
Indicted for Murder

Trial to Start November 1;
Labrador Faces 2nd Charge

Scotland Yard Arrives
Pleas Are Not Guilty

Preliminary Hearing Results
Long Island Man To Be
Tried For Murder

All Four to Stand Trial;
‘Deadly Vacation’

‘Nightmare’ More Island Sun
Americans to Stand Trial in Tortola Slaying

Four US Male Suspects Arrested;
Virginia Suspect Had
Alleged Bloodstained Clothes

Paradise Lost
Three-week vacation becomes six-month horror

Murder case baffles four defendants
Island Murder Mystery
Suspect’s Vigil for Justice
Young Oregon "Homeless" Suspect Profiled
Artist’s Death Shocks Idyllic Island
American Beauty Slain in Tortola
Trouble in Paradise
Murder in Exotic Isle

Violence Against Tourists
Still Extremely Rare in BVI

Sexual Molestation Incidents more than doubled
Police & Women’s Desk Stress Domestic Violence
Virgin Gorda Wife Beats Husband With 2×4
Search for Missing Man continues
Violence Against Women Issue Rallys Community

Police Report Progress In Busting Crime Wave
Brutal murder of BVIslander investigated
Tough Measures To Counter Crime Spiral
Chief Minister Asks Citizens To Support Police
Violence Against Women Issue Rallys Community

Police Report Progress In Busting Crime Wave
Brutal murder of BVIslander investigated
Tough Measures To Counter Crime Spiral
Chief Minister Asks Citizens To Support Police

Privy Council’s
Final Ruling

Ruling Issuing the Directed Verdict

Forensic Detective Hardley’s Deposition

Notice of Appeal

More Documents


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