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B-V-I Guide, September 19, 1999
Bahamas hard hit Tuesday, September 14, by the full blunt of massive Hurricane Floyd over its 700 small, low-lying islands (see map). After the storm, assessments started being made and aftermath disaster aid organized with limited resources available (BBC story and CNN story). See Hurricane Floyd Bulletins for ongoing damage and relief reports from BahamasNet.

Relief Donations. BahamasNet has info on donations for Abaco and more generally. More specific info on the donation of money, materials and supplies can be found at the Abaco Bahamas Message Board.

Casualties. One death is confirmed at Freetown when a person swam from a flooded car (CNN story) and another death occurred a person was electrocuted when power was restored after the storm. Two people were reported missing at Abaco (Reuters story).

Nassau and Paradise Island experienced 70-80 mph winds with higher gusts and generally fared "better" being some distance from the center on the "good" side of Floyd. See Official Bahamas Storm Center Update.

San Salvadore, Cat, Eleuthera and Abaco Islands (see map) were direcly in the path of the eye or on the "bad" side of Floyd. Damage varied with some places reporting catastrophic damage, winds of 135 mph and gusts up to 190 and many instances of serious structural and/or flood damage. See Updates from the Bahamas, Storm99 photos and the NHC Disaster Message Service for Floyd.

Abaco Islands suffered some of the worst damage. See Marsh Harbour report ("the jewel of the Bahamas has been totally transformed"), Abaco Damage Significant, Elbow Cay report, Marsh Harbour report and Important Treasure Cay Update from the Abaco Bahamas Message Board. See photos.

Crossing Rocks on Great Abaco lost its whole settlement (CNN story). "The old section of Crossing Rocks, on the Atlantic side midway between Cherokee Sound and Hole-in-the-Wall, was flattened, and the newer section of the community suffered flooding but little structural damage, according to reports (Hurricane Floyd Bulletins)."

Elbow Cay, one of a series of small outlying cays off the northwestern side of the Abacos (see map), has an area that have been completely taken by the ocean, and houses across the road are now directly on or hanging over the ocean. A new inlet has been reported creating two islands in the place of one.

White Sound. "Most serious damage appears to be to the White Sound area of Elbow Cay. The area just to the south of the Abaco Inn through to (but not including) "Third Sunrise" has been wiped out…just gone….. All the houses along this stretch have been destroyed and replaced by a "flat white beach. In some cases there is no evidence that a house was ever there (see an aerial report from Hurricane Floyd Reports)." See also Map (the Abaco Inn is #48) and "Before Photo). Here are some "After Photos" and a Report of going through the storm. Actually two houses remain in the area described above.

Those seeking info on family and friends can post on the Pleas for Help message board.

The eye passed over Abaco at 5 pm AST Tuesday was about 25 miles wide and had taken somewhat over 2 hours to pass, according to one report. There was no power and telephone at that time, but ham radio reports were relayed to message boards.

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