Beautiful Guana Island is a unique, privately owned wildlife sanctuary.

The Restoration of Guana’s ‘Guana. See A Natural History Guide to Guana Island: "The ‘guana of Guana is far more massive [than the common Iguana found throughout the islands], attaining more than six feet in total length (more than half tail), and weights of over 70 lbs. Timid and shy, largely herbivorous, these are beneficent monsters more interesting, rarer, and much less well studied than their relatives people travel all the way to the Galapagos to see [emphasis added]."

This remarkable creature, once common throughout the islands, then found only on Anegada, was restored to Guana in 1984 by the present conservation-minded owners, Henry and Gloria Jarecki, as part of their long-term plan to make Guana a nature preserve and wildlife sanctuary.

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