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A nautical village in the tropics

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Nearby Locations on the Sir Francis Drake Channel
Nanny Cay
Road Town

Maya Cove
Fat Hog’s Bay

Opening up to the Sir Francis Drake Channel on Tortola not too far from Road Town, Nanny Cay has the atmosphere of a nautical village in the tropics (photo: Virgin Traders).

Peg Leg Landing. Located here on the point with great views of the islands and a lively bar is the Peg Leg Landing restaurant, popular with the sailing and diving enthusiasts.

Plaza Cafe. At the marina, the open-air Plaza Cafe has jerk chicken, rotis and other Caribbean fare as well as burgers and teriyaki chicken, including breakfast.

Arawak (494-5240) offers women’s casual skirts, pants, tops, shorts, long and short dresses, popular rayon and cotton sarongs, beach sandals, men’s, women’s and children’s swimwear (Jansen’s), small teak chests and tables, silver jewelry, especially earrings in fish motifs, straw bags and hats. Arawak focuses on Indian and Indonesian imported items and has its own clothing label, mostly for ladies.

VnS Sewing and Gift Shop has island prints, t-shirts and various gift items. Ella, the owner, makes clothers and specializes in sewing boat cushions and sheets. Bring a design to be created.

Last Stop Sports (email 494-0564), known as the Red Shed for its distinctive building, has mountain and leisure bike rentals to suit the local conditions as well as windsurfing, sea kayak and surfboard rentals and tours.

Water Activities.
Daysails. The BVI’s own Goddess Athena (494-0000), famous for its crewed daytrips is located here.

Diving. Blue Water Divers (494-2847) has a base at the Nanny Cay Marine Centre. They sell baseball hats, diving and snorkeling equipment, t-shirts, dresses, sandals, sunglasses, books and maps.

Windsurfing. Also, BVI Boardsailing is here, teaching beginners as well as making arrangements for experts to to cruise and stage races among the islands on the magnificent Sir Francis Drake Channel–a protected inland sea.

Sea Kayaking. See BVI Boardsailing and Last Stop Sports, both above, for great sea kayaking adventures.

HorizonYachtChartersLogo2.gif (4012 bytes)Charter Companies. The Nanny Cay Marina (email 494-2512) is the location of several charter companies, including North South Vacations, The Catamaran Company, Horizon Yacht Charters (email), BVI Marine Management and Virgin Traders, motor yacht charterers. Also, the Endless Summer II, a crewed charter yacht, is docked here. The provisioner, Gourmet Chandler, is also here for the boating trade and others.

Boating Base. Its nautical ambiance makes Nanny Cay a popular base from which to start a boating vacation. Also, its great location on the Sir Francis Drake Channel, attested to by its history as a customs venue for entry into the islands, makes Nanny Cay an ideal spot for embarking on an island cruising adventure.

Yachts like the one pictured here are available at affordable prices from Horizon Yacht Charters, a small owner-operated company giving personal attention to your specific requirements.

Beneteau 445

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Great for three couples or a family

Lodging. The Nanny Cay Resort (email 494-4895) (more), which favors yachtsmen, has a village atmosphere, with pastel tropical decor, gardens, and saltwater pools.