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Most crewed charters provide for snorkeling, and rendezvous diving is available through dive companies whereby divers are picked up right off the charter boat. However, a more limited number emphasis scuba diving as part of the charter voyage. Often the crew will include a divemaster/instructor and the boat will emphasize diving, but nicely balance diving with other activities–these boats are listed under Emphasis on Diving below.

Boats whose primary activity is scuba diving are called Liveaboards, a term associated with hard-core dive boats, but the BVI liveaboards engage in a lot of other activites as well.


Cuan Law (email), Obsession (scuba info), Promenade, Sojourn, and Wanderlust.

Emphasis on Diving.

Scubada, a 40′ catamaran, run by David and Stella from England with world-wide cruising experience, both PADI divemasters/instructors (divng included), both windsurfing instructors, both married to each other and a lot of fun. Fitted with three queen berths (and 6 sets of diving gear), Scubada is great for up to three couples. Stella loves Mediterrean cuisine but presents a true international menu in the best Caribbean tradition. aClearGIF15h-15w.gif (829 bytes)

Chef Stella

BoatShowScubadaStellaIcon2.jpg (4460 bytes)

Watch out for those Pina colada French toasted muffins.

See also Buscadora (a luxury motor yacht with divemaster/instructer aboard).

The Increasingly Popular Eco-Sailing.

Serendipity, a 50′ Beneteau, emphasizes the increasingly popular eco-tourism, including snorkeling and reef ecology, walks, birdwatching, FullPageAds.gif (2395 bytes)sailing instruction. etc., with boat-baked breads, fresh fruits and salads, local fish and on-board cruisine to your own tastes. Ideal for 2-3 couples. Captained by Aussie Trish Bailey, an experienced charter chef in addition. See sample menu.

Itineraries. See Itineraries in Chartering in the BVI.

Crewed Charters Information Sources.

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