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A METHOD TO THIS MADNESS. This tour is designed to show you significant areas of the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Arrivals and departures are usually on the "inland" side of Tortola, whether by flight, ferry, or charter (photo: Angelina Cat). Will I make my flight? Where is my lodging or charter company? What about dining or provisioning? Has anyone planned this trip? At the Beef Island Airport page, you will find much useful information.

ROAD TOWN. Cruise ships dock here. Trips are organized to Cane Garden Bay and The Baths. The adjoining marina areas have a good hang out and eating places. Nearby Main Street offers an excellent shopping trip.

TREASURE ISLAND. We follow the traditional sailing method of touring the islands, leaving from Road Town in a counterclockwise direction around the BVI. First on our list is the famous "Treasure Island," also known more prosaically as Norman Island, which marks the start of our quest.

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Here we find a good anchorage at The Bight as well as The Caves and The Indians (pictured above), famous diving and snorkeling sites, and the Willie T floating bar/restaurant.

DeadmansBeachIcon(JereLull).jpg (4864 bytes)PETER ISLAND. This luxurious resort island has Deadman’s Bay with its Deadman’s Beach Bar & Grill. A favorite stop of yachties, this romantic beach can also be reached by the Peter Island ferry.

Rhone(Museum).jpg (3784 bytes)SALT AND COOPER ISLANDS. The finest dive site in the Caribbean, the wreck of R.M.S.Rhone, is off Salt Island, itself named for supplying salt to the Royal British Navy. Nearby Cooper Island has lovely Manchioneel Bay, fringed with palm trees on white sand beaches, location of the Cooper Island Beach Club.

BathsOvalIcon2.gif (10827 bytes)VIRGIN GORDA–THE BATHS. Next is the premier natural attraction of the BVI–The Baths at Virgin Gorda, the "other" main island. The nearby Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour/Spanish Town/The Valley represents contact with civilization, a marina with slips, the Courtyard, fine restaurants within walking distance, shops and supplies. A few miles away are the Coppermine Ruins and a small airport along the coastline and reef. Still further north on Virgin Gorda’s Beach Coast is the fine resort of Little Dix Bay and secluded beachs and villas.

BitterEndOutpostBuilding.jpg (12641 bytes)VIRGIN GORDA–NORTH SOUND. The North Sound of Virgin Gorda is a beautiful and varied place: Leverick Bay, Eustatia Sound, remote Biras Creek, the local mountainside town of Gun Creek, breathtaking views, alluring Saba Rock, secluded resorts and restaurants, the bustling Bitter End, yacht club/marina/resort, the "last outpost" of the British Empire. Don’t miss it!

ANEGADA. Off on its own coral island and reef, Anegada has unique flora and fauna, great snorkeling at the incomparable Loblolly Bay, waves of small coastal sand dunes near the Cow Wreck beach bar, deep sea and bonefishing, Horseshoe Reef and its shipwreck treasury, the local settlement with the world’s smallest general store and the Anegada Reef Hotel at the island’s "harbour" in the reef. A unique destination!

TRELLIS BAY & MARINA CAY. Trellis Bay is right back to civilization, being next to the Beef Island airport, yet so far away! Artisans’ workshops, the MarinaCaySunsetBarViewIcon3.jpg (10971 bytes)local market, beachcombing, de Loose Mongoose restaurant, The Last Resort on Bellamy Cay–all are here. Nearby Marina Cay is an exciting spot! Should we take the ocean sailing route to our next stop? The East End of Tortola is a place of great anticipation. Will we really have to leave in a day or so? Rats!

CaneGardenBayBarAnchorage.jpg (8799 bytes)CANE GARDEN BAY. There could not be a finer destination than the lovely Cane Garden Bay. A beautiful anchorage and beach, beach bars in paradise with great nightlife, the home of Quito Rymer at his Quito’s Gazebo, a laid back beach "hotel," the local Callwood distillery for a bottle of rum, Cane Garden Bay is a not-to-be-missed experience.

WhiteBaySandcastleBeach2.jpg (6171 bytes)JOST VAN DYKE. The barefoot island, without roads a short time ago, is the home of world famous Foxy’s Tamarind bar. Over the mountain one way is White Bay and its fabulous beach, the Soggy Dollar bar, birthplace of the Painkiller, the intimate Sandcastle resort and the Local Flavor Stress-Free bar at the White Bay campground. Over the mountain the other way is Little Harbour, the place for dueling Anegada lobster feasts. Don’t miss the Bubbly Pool!

Soper'sWharfIcon2.jpg (11784 bytes)SOPER’S HOLE ON THE WEST END. The last sailing stop on our BVI tour is the intriguing Soper’s Hole, unique tropical harbour and also a great place to start a charter. Soper’s Hole Wharf offers a unique West Indian setting of shops and the Pussser’s Landing restaurant. The West End’s North Beach Coast is easily accessible from here.

LongBayBeachResortIcon140h.jpg (7627 bytes)NORTH BEACH COAST. Reached by land rather than water, this coastal area is the essence of the Caribbean with the famous Long Bay Beach and its namesake resort, the secluded Smuggler’s Cove beach and Great Carrot Bay with great local food. Shall we slip over to Bomba’s Beach Shack for one of its world famous Full Moon Parties. Or, at the opposite end of the spectrum, shall we dine at the Sugar Mill, one of the finest restaurants in the Caribbean? What a way to go! Of course, there are many more destinations in the future.

So, let’s begin the tour now.