Navigating the B-V-I Guide
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New Mobile Frames. Designed for mobile devices, these frames more fully display combined contents and story frames only.

With no scroll bars on mobile devices, a clicked link appears not to work since the resulting page change is far down in the bottom frame.

Click the adjoining Frames link to go back to the old frames.

Greetings! You have reached paradise. This site is an authentic online travel guide, melding the old print medium with the exciting action of the Web!

Confusion abounds in this new medium, without conventions as yet. The B-V-I Guide has tried to ease your pain by making navigation as simple as possible and redundant too!

Lower Menubar. Traditional already, the lower menubar is the same at the bottom of each and every full page. And it always opens to a full or whole page, even if a framed one. We try to change this menubar as little as possible.

Contents Tables. In frames, a necessity when cataloging reams of info, often there is a contents table on the left.

Column Menubar. The Contents Table always has a Column Menubar at its bottom–with the top link going to the collective set of Contents Tables–a handy new way to navigate.

To Command. We use the "To" notation in frames to alert you that your Frame clicking "platform" will itself change.

To Frames. However, if the "To Frames" section is clicked, the selection will open in new frames. The integration of all our frames is new, and there may be "artifacts" left in the system. 🙂

Story Frames. Where we put our questionable material, you see, is the "story" frame on the right (this very frame you’re reading). Clicking the contents frame generally leads to a spot in the story frame.

Bookmarks. Often this spot is bookmarked to take you right there. Sometimes you have to click twice, especially when a new story page first opens in the Story Frame. Often, and everywhere, you may have to click twice to get to a bookmark, it seems. 🙂

Body Frame. Just to make life difficult, be aware that Contents links sometimes go directly to the "big frame" we call our Body Frame. In the Body Frame, we pull up, not only all our own pages, but also vast materials from the Web. Generally however, it is the Story Frame which pulls material up in the Body Frame.

Inconsistencies. Note however, that sometimes Story Pages themselves will appear as well in the Body Frame. This is done so your story will not be interrupted, with even Story pages opening in the main Body Frame.

Sometimes you will find the same Story Page open in both Story and Body frames. This is a price we pay for the flexibility these Story Pages give us.

No Frames. Because Contents and Story Pages are hard to read in the smaller frames, the "no frames" link pops out to a full page. Remember that clicking their out-of-frame links will cause a new window to open.

Finally, we hope you have a great time exploring the beautiful British Virgin Islands.