Guana Island

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Like nesting seabirds, white-washed stone Cottages and Villas of Guana Island nestle above cliffs, high on a ridge between two small mountain peaks, overlooking Crab Cove on Muskmellon Bay.

Journey to Guana Island

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Boarding a boat, by the rusty old Beef Island bridge, begins the journey to Guana, out the channel lined by mangrove ‘knees,’ the small mountains rising so improbably in an archipelago landscape.

Generations of cruisers have been amazed as they sailed past these cliffs through the passage at Monkey Point, itself cut through with a walkway, the opening to a primitive world, past Tortola’s wild and rugged headlands breaking into rocky outcroppings on its ocean coast, and beyond, carved in Guana’s mountainous terrain like a giant bowl, the welcoming valley behind White Bay, where nature rules, prehistoric looking pelicans patrolling its cliffs.

Humans here live up on a saddle ridge in stone cottages and villas.

Some cottages and villas overlook this tranquil valley with its salt pond and beautiful White Bay with its white sand beach and emerald reefs. Natural harmony reigns, since the whole island is a private wildlife sanctuary. See The Restoration of Guana’s ‘Guana (above photo: ScubaMom).

GuanaIslandCottageInteriorIcon.jpg (6209 bytes)Bedrooms have writing desks, cozy chairs, and a simple beauty inspired by the island’s Quaker history. On the outside, cottages have private sun patios, porches or covered verandahs–all with outstanding views.

Some cottages and villas have adjoining sitting areas to accommodate a day bed for an extra person. Others have several rooms to a cottage or villa, each with a separate entrance. One villas can be rented as a three bedroom suite with its own living room.

GuanaNorthBeachCottageIcon.jpg (8034 bytes)The North Beach villa is a special hide-away with living room, kitchen and two patios as well as its own deck and room service breakfast (see review). Great for a honeymoon couple!

Delicious meals are included, along with complimentary wine at dinner and lunch. The main house holds the dining verandahs, a spacious communal living room, a library, and a cozy self-serve bar. See review by the ScubaMom.

Off-island, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, trips and day sails, and beach picnics are available. On-island, daysailors, windsurfers, tennis, snorkeling and fishing, all with equipment, is provided.

Nature, however, is the star attraction. In addition to a multitude of trails, a small wildlife museum and natural history guide are available. Guana Island is nature’s own paradise!