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Electronic Commerce: An International Overview

Internal Revenue Service Targets Abusive Trust Arrangements
July/August 1998 Journal of Asset Protection

Offshore Trusts Can Create Legal Obstacle Course for Claimants
1996 Medical Business

The How’s and Why’s of Offshore Trusts in Asset Protection Planning
May 1996
Estates, Gifts and Trusts Journal

Legal and related services

The British Virgin Islands has a strong legal legal system derived from the English common law as a British Overseas Territory. The High Court is presided over by the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, with a final appeal to the Privy Council in England. Supplemented by local statutes and a well qualified local and international bar, the BVI provides an eminently qualified infrastructure for its financial services industry.

In its fight to keep its offshore finance center free of drug trafficing and money laundering, the BVI passed a Drug Trafficking Offences Act 1992 and is a party to the Mutual Legal Assistance (USA) Act 1990, an anti-narcotic and anti-racketeering pact. See BVI Laws Assist in the Investigation of International Crime.

The BVI institutional fight against corruption is especially important to U.S. companies since the Federal Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) prohibits companies from making payments, directly or indirectly, which may constitute bribery of foreign officials. The BVI then represents a "safe zone" where bribery is not only not expected, but abhorred.

General Information:
O’Neal Webster
Newsletter BVI Legal Collection

Lawyers and Law Firms:
Hieros Gamos List of Largest BVI Law Firms
Hewlett Beck & Arad is "dedicated to serving the needs of international business clients. The firm’s predecessor was established over 30 years ago in the BVI. Today, its practice areas include Corporate Law, Offshore Mutual Funds, Trusts and Trustees, International Commercial Disputes, Intellectual Property, Banking and Finance, Real Estate and Commercial and Trade Practice."
O’Neal Webster O’Neal Myers Fletcher & Gordon "serves a diverse domestic and international client base in commercial and corporate law, financial services law including company formations and mutual funds, and commercial litigation. Our domestic clients include banks, utilities companies, communications companies and tourism sector businesses. Our international clients include major banks, financial services companies and law firms."
Harney Westwood & Riegels (494-2233)
Dancia Penn & Co (494-4197)
Farara George-Creque & Kerins (494-2717)
Smith-Hughes, Raworth & McKenzie has "developed a niche practice specializing in the rendering of advice and legal opinions to a whole array of international law firms, banks, fund managers, accountants, trust companies, and individuals involving all aspects of international transactions, offshore tax and corporate planning, trusts and mutual funds."

Offshore Insurance Company Practitioners:
Richard Parsons with Harney, Westwood & Riegels (494-2233).
Chris McKenzie with Smith-Hughes, Raworth & McKenzie specializes in offshore legal matters, including international transactions, offshore tax and corporate planning, trusts and mutual funds.

Financial Services.

BVI Government’s Financial Services Department lists Association of Registered Agents, Accountants & Auditors, Legal Advocates, Insurance Managers and Insurance Agents.

BVI Insurance Consultants (494-1474 email), run by Richard "Dick" Clayson, a licensed insurance manager, sets up and manages insurance companies in accordance with BVI law.

BVI Lawyers and Financial Service Companies. Contact the B-V-I Investment Guide to put free links to your site here.

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