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Nearby Locations on the Sir Francis Drake Channel
Nanny Cay
Road Town

Maya Cove
Fat Hog’s Bay
Conveniently located on the Sir Francis Drake Channel close to the Beef Island Airport, Fat Hog’s Bay, as well as adjacent East End Bay, are beautiful and sheltered bays ideal for overnight anchoring with all the yachtsman’s facilities. Also, Fat Hog’s and East End Bays are the location of several nice restaurants, usually in fine marina settings.

Whisper. Pictured above is Whisper, a 45′ Kennex catamaran from Trade Wind Yachts (photo credit: Colin Erven–see his great trip report about sailing this beautiful yacht).

TradeWindYachtsLogo.gif (2592 bytes)Marinas. All the normal yachtsman’s facilities are here, including Moor Seacure moorings at Penn’s Landing, supplies, showers, ice, etc.

Penn’s Landing Marina at East End Bay is the location of the new Eclypse restaurant (formerly Penn’s Landing), the Sailor’s Ketch seafood market (495-1100) and Woods’ Marine Services (495-1134).

The Sea Breeze Marina at Fat Hog’s Bay is the location of the Ritebreeze grocery store (a Riteway convenience outlet). Nearby is the Parham Town General Store (495-1620) for supplies and Parham Food Market (495-2499) for local groceries. Here also is Barecat Charters (email).

TradeWindYachtsFleet.jpg (6999 bytes)Harbour View Marina at Fat Hog’s Bay, the home of Trade Wind Yachts (email)(see picture of its fleet), has showers, fuel, water and ice. Here also is the the Virgin Queen Harbour View restaurant and Underwater Boat Services, a dive company.

Diving. Underwater Boat Services (email 494-0024) has its dive shop, the Divers Den, at Harbour View Marina. Join other divers for a relaxing time on their deck overlooking the water from 4-6 pm every day and hooking up with diving buddies.

Dining. The Virgin Queen Harbour View restaurant, a branch of the larger Road Town restaurant and open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, offers its very popular local food, including salt fish, at Harbour View Marina.

Also within walking distance is the restaurant Caribbean Flavas and a ATM at Barclay’s Bank.

Eclypse (495-1646)(formerly Penn’s Landing), a new restaurant at Penn’s Landing Marina is open for dinner with an eclectic menu.

Nature. Fat Hog’s Bay is the location of excellent stands of mangroves and a variety of herons, including Yellow-crowned Night Herons, Great Blue Herons and Green-backed Herons.