The trip to Biras Creek is as exotic as the food to be found there
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One of the most exciting aspects of dining in the BVIs relates to the location of the restaurants and the means necessary to get there. Places are often called by the island, cay or bay where they are located.

Many of the most interesting restaurants are located on outlying islands, such as at Peter Island (see its ferry), Cooper Island (see ferry service) and Jost Van Dyke (see ferry When), or delightful cays such as Marina Cay (see its ferry). Some are part of exotic resorts, such as Peter Island and Little Dix Bay.

The two main islands, Tortola and Virgin Gorda, have multiple links by ferry, expanding the dining choices in exotic locales on each end of the island (see map and schedules).

On the main islands, many restaurants are focused on the water or actually on the beach, such as Myett’s at Tortola’s Cane Garden Bay or Giorgio’s Table at Virgin Gorda’s Savannah Bay.

Some of those on-island locations cannot be reached by land at all, such as Biras Creek.

Others require transversing winding, scenic mountain roads (the road between Skyworld and Roadtown has been described in terms of an airplane descent through the clouds). Or are reached by spectacular beach coastal roads, such as the famed Sugar Mill Restaurant.

The Sailing Diner. The basic idea is that the sailing diner will likely chose from selections in the general area of the anchorage. This particularly tends to be true when sailors have only the boat or dingy as means of transportation, but is also true when the lodging-ashore diner does not have a rental vehicle or is staying on outlying islands.

Also, many restaurants at resorts or hotels allow diners to swim in their pools (check ahead to make sure). To the Sailing Diner, this means only one thing–yes, showers! While the Sailing Diner may prefer a dip off the boat to a pool, the salty nature of seawater makes showers all the more enjoyable. And somehow, showers ashore always seem to be better than those on boats.

Nonetheless, a dip in a pool in an exotic location can only add to the pleasure of a good meal, if swimming and pool lounging is your thang.

The Lodging-Ashore Diner. Planning to incorporate an exciting trip to the desired location by water-borne transport, i.e. ferry, launch, or other boat (see Intra Island Transportation), the lodging-ashore diner, as well as the sailing diner, will have the experience of this scenic and delightful means of travel to many outlying restaurants and resorts that is a characteristic of dining in the islands.