British Virgin Islands
Local Food
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Jean at the Stove
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Busy at her cooking, Jean makes a roti (with rice) at the Roti Palace in Road Town. The menu is limited to rotis–beef, chicken (boneless for $1 extra), conch, whelk, and goat. So delicious!

And especially the mango chutney accompaniment! Travelers have been known to rush to their local gourmet store back home to fetch some mango chutney–only to be disappointed by comparison.

Rotis, of course, come from East India through Trinidad, with their characteristic crepe-like bread and curry seasoning. Jean mixes her own special blend of curry powder– though the spices themselves, she says, come from Sunny Caribbee, just down the hill.

With owner Jean’s great cooking, the "palace" in Roti Palace is found in the delicious flavor of her rotis. Grab any of the two family style tables, whose seats are shared–it doesn’t get any more local than this!

Places with Local Food

Local food is widely found throughout the islands. Specific items are common. And West Indian ingredients, dishes and cooking styles are "blended" into beach bar and resort menus alike.

Here are some places that feature local food.

Virgin Queen and Midtown Restaurant on or near Main Street in Road Town.

Netty’s Diner and Da Wedding in Cane Garden Bay.

Mrs. Scatliffe’s, Palm’s Delight and Nathan’s Snackette on Tortola’s North Beach Coast.

Crab Hole at "The Valley" on Virgin Gorda.

The Twin House at the Top of Gun Creek on Virgin Gorda.

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