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All sales commissions for these books are donated to the BVI National Parks Trust for the preservation of the natural and marine heritage of the islands.
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Referral Fees.
Many thanks to purchasers for supporting this program. B-V-I Online has sent a check to BVI National Parks Trust covering the current quarter as set out below.
Year–Quarter Books Sold Referral Fees Sent to Trust
2001-2nd 639.79 54.83 54.83
2001-1st 965.23 83.46 83.46
2000-4th 804.11 61.79 61.79
2000-3rd 477.45 43.64 43.64
2000-2nd 564.37 42.60 42.60
2000-1st 2,475.43 161.92 161.92
1999-4th 1,051.49 80.48 80.48
1999-3rd 512.48 44.56 44.56
1999-2nd 370.86 41.30 41.30
1999-1st 598.52 49.56 49.56
1998-4th 686.83 48.87 48.87
1998-3rd 676.63 48.04 48.04
1998-2nd 2162.90 129.41 129.41
1998-1st 264.00 39.60 39.60
1997-4th 129.24 19.39 27.56
1997-3rd 27.92 4.19 0
1997-2nd ? 3.98 0

See 5/6/98 Letter to BVI National Parks Trust
and 5/3/98 Email from Amazon Books.

See 1997 Results

1998-1st Quarter
5/3/98 Email from Amazon Books:

Dear Associate,

March 31, 1998 marked the end of the 1st calendar quarter of 1998, and it’s time for referral fee payments to our Associates. We’ve just mailed you a check for the referral fees you’ve earned during the past quarter.
This message explains how we derived the amount of your referral fee check and lists the qualifying books that were paid for and shipped from January 1, 1998 through March 31, 1998.
1. It is normal to expect that your total payment may not match the total of your weekly marketing reports. Some books ordered during the quarter may not have been shipped by March 31, and therefore would not appear in this quarter’s payment nor on this report. These
A. Orders placed late in the quarter and not yet shipped.
B. Orders containing special order titles that had not yet arrived at our warehouse.
C. Any orders cancelled by the customer before shipping.
2. Once these books are shipped, they will appear in the statement for the quarter in which they are shipped. All fees are paid at the end of the quarter in which the shipment is sent to the customer, not the quarter in which the order is placed.
3. If you earned less than $10 in referral fees through the prior quarter (which ended 3 months ago), you would not have received a
check at that time. In that case, you will see the unpaid amount included in the report below and added into this quarter’s payment.
4. Each line of the report lists the book title and the *total* amount we’ve collected from customers for shipments of that title. In other words, there is one line per title regardless of the number of copies shipped during the quarter.
Quarterly Referral Fees Paid
Store name: British Virgin Islands–Sailors’ Paradise Online Magazine and Tr
Store ID: britishvirginisl
Name: John D. Hoagland
Address1: 2045 N. 15th Street, Suite 212
City: Arlington
State: VA
Zip: 22201
Country: USA

Total shipped to customer this quarter: 264.00
Referral fee this quarter: 39.60
Credit referral fee previous quarter: 0.00
Total Referral fee: 39.60

From January 1st, 1998 to March 31th, 1998

In-prints books discounted at 10-30% (when ordered)

ISBN Title Amount
—- —– ——
0316955124 Don’t Stop the Carnival : A Novel 11.96
0671681656 Sky Juice and Flying Fish 10.36
0944428347 Cruising Guide to the Virgin Islands, 95.76
0962338966 Diving British Virgin Islands 30.32
0963990543 The Best of the British Virgin Island 22.32
0963990543 The Best of the British Virgin Island 11.16
096399056X Visiting the Virgin Islands With Kids 22.32
1558321217 The Sugar Mill Caribbean Cookbook : C 23.92
1559920505 Diving and Snorkeling Guide to the Br 35.88
Total shipped: 264.00
Referral fee (at 15%): 39.60

From January 1st, 1998 to March 31th, 1998
Other in-prints books
ISBN Title Amount
—- —– ——
Total shipped: 0.00
Referral fee (at 5%): 0.00
Thanks again for participating in the Associates Program, and have a great next quarter!
Tom Schonhoff Associates Program

P.S. If you have any questions about your report, please refer to the notes at the top of this message. There you’ll find answers to all the questions we’ve been asked in the past about our quarterly financial reports and how they differ from the weekly marketing reports we send to you by email.

5/6/98 Letter to BVI National Parks Trust:

BVI National Parks Trust
PO Box 860
Road Town, Tortola
British Virgin Islands

Re: B-V-I Travel Guide Donation

Dear Mr. Joseph Smith, Ms. Joy Blaine and Mr. Cleveland Sam,

Enclosed please find a check from Amazon Books endorsed to the Friends of the BVI National Parks U.S.A. Inc.

It is again a great pleasure for the B-V-I Travel Guide to contribute to your worthy efforts at preserving the natural and marine heritage of the islands.

With best regards, I am,

Yours truly,

John Hoagland
B-V-I Travel Guide