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Aragorn’s fireball sculpture, pictured above from its lighting at the Trellis Bay Full Moon Parties, captures and enlivens the Haitian "running man" figure which the artwork weaves in steel (photo: Aragorn Studio).

Aragorn creates exquisite copper wall sculptures.

AragornCopperWallHanging-MangroveLife3.gif (11007 bytes)
Mangrove Life

At Great Mountain, artist Reuben Vanterpool, in the frame above, appears almost as a work of art himself, immersed in his work as he paints his sixty-foot mural of BVI traditional life.

KarlMerleinPaintingPhoto.jpg (20648 bytes)Many BVI shops carry works of art in various forms. Art galleries include the Sunny Caribbee Gallery on Road Town’s Main Street, with Caribbean inspired painting by Karl Merklein, the Josiah’s Bay Plantation Art Gallery at Josiah’s Bay and Nan’s Gallery at Apple Bay.

Tortolan artist Lutai Durant paints and writes about a modern farmer in Page from the Past.

Jinx Morgan, co-owner of the Sugar Mill Restaurant and Hotel, creates watercolors reflecting the Caribbean’s strong sun, brilliant light and fresh colors to depict its easygoing life.

David Thrasher does paintings, illustrations and graphics like the one seen below. Also, see David’s Painting of a Carrot Bay Church.

HummingbirdByDavidThrasher.jpg (19565 bytes)

The Green Throated Carib hummingbird feeding on an Hibiscus flower is portrayed in
this outstanding graphic

Green Throated Carib

Artist’s Studios include Aragorn Studio (see border at left) at Trellis Bay. Among other artwork, Aragorn creates copper wall sculptures such as Mangrove Life. Some shops are listed here (to).

In his small West Indian styled Flukes Workshop at Trellis Bay, Roger Ellis, an artist and cartographer, produces pictorial maps drawn in pen and ink and painted in watercolors, such as this exquisite map of the BVI.

On Anegada, Pat’s Pottery has its ceramic workshop in the back of the retail shop.

See also Famous Swiss Painter Captures "Nature’s Little Secrets" On Canvas.

Roy Keegan at Arawak Interiors used the wood from old Balinese fishing boats to make the teak bar stools and lounge furniture, and Aragorn crafted the cooper topped bar, when the Cooper Island Beach Club was re-modeled in 2009 (also see this article).

Lisa Muddiman Gray creates original batiks and watercolors depicting seascapes, marine life and tropical flowers (see article). Co-owner of The Gallery on Main Street, her shop and web site features original artwork and limited-edition prints by a wide variety of BVI and other artists (photo: escape BVI).

Bamboushay Pottery, at its studio at Nanny Cay, makes beautiful sconces and hanging lights, glazed and hand-painted vases, bowls, candle lanterns, platters, dishes and mugs.

The piece at the right is a traditional sconce with a Caribbean turtle theme and finished with a mango glaze.

Amanda Baker

Amanda Baker is a brilliant photographer who has an extensive collection of her own photography at her Allamanda Gallery on Main Street. The above photo is not Amanda as a child , but is merely an example of her talent (photo: Allamanda Gallery blog).

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