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Peas and Rice

aClearGIF15h-15w.gif (829 bytes) In island cooking, side dishes often blend into main dishes.

Side dishes are notable for their local character, often being acclaimed as representative of the island’s cooking.

Peas and Rice

A very popular dish, "peas and rice" is actually what is called "beans and rice" in many places. The peas (beans) that are used vary from island-to-island, along with their names. Gungoo or pigeon peas (beans) are used in the English-speaking Caribbean.

Except in Jamacia, where the name is reversed. There the dish is called rice and peas. And red kidney beans are favored (see this recipe and a similar one).


Roti is a very popular item, usually made as a sandwich that can be considered a side dish. See "Roti" under Curry Dishes.


Fungi is a cornmeal-based dish often cooked from "scatch" in the islands varying by island and cook.

In a Barbadan coocoo recipe from Sky Juice and Flying Fish, the fungi dish resembles Italian polenta, and is often served as a pudding-like "slice" as a side dish with fish.

Cornmeal, salt and suger that have been soaked in water are added to boiling water. Okra that have been boiled to tenderness is folded in.

The mixture is then covered and "double-boiled" in a larger pot, stirring often. Parts of the pudding-like mass are transferred to a greased bowl and formed as a ball.

Slice and serve hot with a pat of butter.

Add meat and the fungi becomes a main dish.

A related cornmeal dish are the griddle- cooked flatcakes called Johnnycakes. Here is a version with chervil.

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