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Cooking in the Islands
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The heart of cooking in the islands involves understanding the Cuisine of the Islands, with the focus on the BVI as an instance of Caribbean food.

We begin by using universal foodstuffs and then substituting fresh local provisions and unique seasoning combinations characteristic of island cooking.

It is the Caribbean experience that we seek.

Start by developing a flavorful repertoire from the Caribbean pantry such as peanut and annatto oil, seasonings and seasoned salt, curry powder and chutneys, hot pepper sauces, and West Indian sauces and salsas.

These can also be derived from this cooking series of articles, such as Jerk Barbecue on the Grill, that form the basis of daily menus. Remember, if there are four vacationers or crew on a week’s trip, then the cook, or each member if the cooking is shared, may have the chance to plan only a single dinner, since half the dinners will be eaten out.

Expect to have some fun!

Individual preferences rule. Some may not want to cook, and others may be vegetarians or have special food needs.

Low-fat cooking ends up being emphasized with fresh fish and grilling popular, and considering that the new nutrition emphasizes protein-rich lean meat. In general, Caribbean spices and seasonings, especially curries, impart high flavor and crowd out traditional fats.


This cooking series is based on resources combining basic, charter and restaurant influences, especially the"text books" that follow.

SkyJuiceCookbookIcon.jpg (6880 bytes)Sky Juice and Flying Fish covers the whole Caribbean especially from "down home" indigenous influences. The Sugar Mill Caribbean Cookbook features upscale restaurant cuisine in a local setting and ingredients on Tortola. Maverick Sea Fare brings the practical needs of a charterboat chef in "getting it done" in a confined space while celebrating the essence of the Caribbean.

Boat Cooking

Boat cooking has an undeniable appeal. What if you could take your familiar backyard patio and grill setting to exotic places, with means of cooking and basic entertaining at your side?

That’s what it’s like to swing on a hook in a new water neighborhood. In a harbour or beside a beach, each dinner offers a new experience.

Enjoy some new food adventures with this series.

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