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Road Town, Tortola

World class charters

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Sailing out of Road Town
The Ultimate Sailing Vacation!

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Exhilerating describes the experience of sailing out of Road Town. Be a part of history as this magnificent harbour from the "days of sail" surrounds your ship in Road Town’s vast "amphitheatre," an almost circular panorama of small mountains.

This bustling scene, this maritime capital of offshore finance, its buildings stretching up into the hillsides, exotic yachts from around the world anchored out, Caribbean travelers at this crossroads of foreign island nations, and gleaming white cruise ships appearing as mere toys sitting in Road Town’s vast harbour.

Start your sail from the center of this incredible landscape, the sailor in you ready to go back to the sea, accustomed to being part of nature’s majestic work.

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The Moorings is the world’s premier charter company both in the quality of their fleet and their unparalleled service!

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These yachts are designed for easy sailing as well as livability. Elegant seagoing homes are created by the world’s finest designers.

Built-in features and fine fabrics are incorporated into the yacht, including conveniences such as easy access to the water via swim platforms at the stern.

Yachts pleasing to groups of couples, for instance, should have cabins that are ample, equal in size and well ventilated.

Beautiful Yachts

Fabulous sailing machines, these modern yachts have high performance as well as cruising capablilities.

Best of all, The Moorings is known for the quality of its service. From morning briefing to chase boat readiness to fix problems, they take care of you. They know you are on vacation; your job is to have fun!

We are specialists in helping you charter. Which yacht and options to choose? Where do I stay overnight? Where’s a good spot for a drink or bite to eat? What are the good anchorages off the beaten path?

Call 888-952-8420 with your questions.