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The B-V-I Sailing School focuses on the art of sailboat cruising in the BVI (the school is private, but please visit our Online Cruising Course).

Sailboat cruising has a great appeal in general. What if you could take your accommodations and your familiar backyard patio and grill setting to exotic places, with means of cooking and basic entertaining at your side?

This is the world of sailboat cruising.

The delights of swinging on a hook in a modern yacht, the view from the cockpit in a new water neighborhood and early morning sunrise in the tropics.

Why is sailboat cruising so popular in the BVI in particular? In short, the BVI makes sailboat cruising elegant. Elegance is the concept of something that is simple but works very well.

Coupled with the B-V-I Sailing School’s focus on the art of cruising, rather than sailing instruction in general, a sailor with basic sailing experience can graduate with the knowledge and experience for cruising the BVI!

Let’s look at the details of why the BVI makes cruising simple and elegant.

  • Very little docking is required, the most difficult cruising art to master, usually only at the beginning and end of a trip. Nonetheless, we teach docking in an effective and fun "hands on" way.

  • Even anchoring, another difficult skill, can be avoided with the use of moorings. We teach the mooring system and the location of moorings, and how to pick up a mooring.

  • Archoring itself, rather than being neglected, is made enjoyable by incorporating some snorkeling/skin diving to actually see how that anchor actually sets! Difficult anchorages are dissected to distill that valuable perspective on the anchoring art, especially the need to protect the marine environment.

  • Problems with the ocean swell or ground seas likewise are taught from both weather-pattern discernment to location exposure, so your choice of anchorages will result in less potential for dragging anchor and a more comfortable, less rolly, sleep.

  • Another factor making BVI sailing simple is the ease of navigation. Navigation is largely by sight with the islands within visual range, so this most critical and sometimes difficult art is largely avoided. We teach the student captain how to detect reefs and rocks by sight.

  • Accordingly, with the exception of specific instances which are emphasized, navigation in the BVI can be easily mastered. The use of picture charts (Virgin Anchorages, a coffee table masterpiece with panoramic shots of anchorages with a chart overlay, at the B-V-I Bookstore) makes the actual practice of navigation an usually enjoyable exercise in which the whole crew can participate.

Please visit our Online Cruising Course.

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