The British Virgin Islands-
A Place Made For Sailing!

Rich in sailing lore from the Age of Discovery, of colonies in strange lands, and the Rousseauean dream of the simpler, more noble "man in nature," the BVI’s Sir Francis Drake Channel evokes these dim memories.

Surrounded by the picturesque, small mountains of volcanic origin, the British Virgin Islands are close together for fine, short sails amongst ever-changing vistas of verdant slopes and sparkling seas, leading to overnight stays in exquisite bays and intimate coves.

Yes, still we go down to the sea for that quest, for adventure in exotic climes, and that life more primitive, a simpler existence, and in touch with an inner, finer being we know is there, to be drawn out by the islands.

KarlMerleinPaintingSailboatToSopers.jpg (26974 bytes)

"Making for Soper’s Hole"

A new original from Karl Merklein. There’s a squall moving in so it’s full speed ahead to Sopers’s Hole, West End, Tortola…approaching from
Jost Van Dyke. 24" x 30"