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Low Fare Searches
, Expedia and Best Fares can be used for their low fares.

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Credit Card Discounts
See AAdvantage Citibank Credit Card Program for travel miles on American Airlines and other specials.

Last Minute Fares
Get on AA‘s NetSAAver Fares email list for last minute bargains.
Also US Airways ESavers.
Note: the best destination is St. Thomas since these fares are city-to-city.
Also 11thHourVacations.

Your Vacation is Important!
Not just a time to rejuvenate in these modern stressful times, a vacation is also an opportunity to see new places and experience something different, whether it’s a new exciting dining adventure, learning a new leisure activity like snorkeling or that destination that exactly meets your needs for fun and relaxation!

The BVI is the Best! The British Virgin Islands has the most diverse accommodations, a great variety of activities, an authentic Caribbean culture, and a multitude of tropical natural wonders to make it the best destination in the Caribbean for your vacation!

Use our Expertise to Plan Your Dream Vacation! Let us use our special knowledge of the BVI to help you put together an excellent vacation adventure.

Packages. See these great vacations!
Honeymoon Package at Long Bay Beach Resort.
Family of Four Package at Frenchman’s Cay Resort.
Relaxation Package at Ft. Recovery Estate Villas.
The Real Luxury Couple Cruise Package.

it is the time to plan your visit the British Virgin Islands! Take advantage of the following specials.

BVI innkeepers invariably have a low season, meaning low prices. For two season accommodations, April 15 may end the high season and October 15 begin it anew.

Also, four season innkeepers will often have spring/fall "shoulder" seasons around their "very high" winter season may vary from December/January to March/April and a "very low" summer season of June/July/August to October/November. Scheduling your vacation to take advantage of your favorite innkeeper’s particular "seasons" can save considerable money by good planning.

In addition, many packages are offerred by resorts and villas for families, honeymoons, stay and sails, activities, etc. Sometimes packages are not available for specific periods, especially Christmas and sometimes the high season month of February. Scheduling your vacation to avoid high-price peaks may be desirable.

Boat Charters.
Bareboats. Most chartering companies give low season discounts of 10 days for the price of 7, or even, in some cases, of 14 days for the price of seven. In addition, group rates may be available for chartering more than one boat.
Celeritas, a 1998 Beneteau 352, in charter with The Moorings is available for charter through its owners at one half price.
Sunsail Caribbean Discounts.
Crewed. Discounts can be found on many individually owned crewed charters on a case by case basis.

A New Kind of Internet Travel Agency
B-V-I Travel Online represents a new kind of Internet travel agency. You or your favorite club or organizaion can become a partner with us and participate in our travel agency earnings. Help promote the BVI while giving the traveling public the benefit of your own successful vacation formula.

10% Travel Agency Commission Donation

B-V-I Travel Online offers 10% of the travel agency commission donation to the sailing or other club or organization chosen by you that uses our logo and links it to us.*

Become a Travel Writer! You can even write your own travel account on your home page and put our logo/link there and get the donation yourself!*

Take Advantage of Our Donation Program

VACATIONERS: Just email us with your needs or go to the innkeeper or charterer of your choice, and mention us as your travel agency when your book the accommodations you like. Once your reservation is made, let us know the sailing or other club or organization you would prefer to receive your donation and we will see if they are willing to put our logo and link on their sailing page–it’s that simple!*

Start Your Own Mini Travel Agency
Simply link your site about sailing, vacationing or whatever to our B-V-I Travel Guide site, and if your web site visitor travels to our site from your site, and lists you as the referring site and you have our Link and Logo on your site, then you earn a referral fee of 10% of our travel agency commission.*

See our Links and Logos page to see how to get started.

*The above 10% travel-agency-commission donation or 10% travel-agency-commission referral fee, are mutually exclusive (ONLY ONE MAXIMUM 10% DONATION OR FEE PAID PER TRAVEL TRANSACTION) and only apply to that part of travel payments whereby B-V-I Travel Online receives the normal travel agency commission of 10% of the base booking price. You would receive 10% of lesser commissions as a donation or referral fee as described above. In the event of a conflict, existing referral fees shall have priority.