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ABiggerSplashPool.jpg (6900 bytes)Your Web Page Ad would encompass a large page similar to this one you are viewing in size. Imagine the information and photographs that can be included in a page of this size. And you reach the whole world via the web.

A Full Page Ad includes a graphical icon link (pictured here) to your web page ad. This link would be placed in the B-V-I Guide in the appropriate place. A graphical icon link to the villa, A Bigger Splash, is pictured here–click on it and go to its web page.

See Advertising Rates.

Your web page ad would be fully indexed into the B-V-I Online site, the premier travel guide for the BVI. For instance, restaurants would be indexed under the B-V-I Guide’s Dining Frames. Restaurant ads would also be indexed under the applicable page where they are located, i.e. a restaurant in Road Town would be linked at the B-V-I Guide’s Road Town page.

The B-V-I Guide is the Premier Travel Guide for the BVI. See our Site Traffic Volume.

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Free Text Links. Free text links are available to owners of all primary BVI businesses, where we have a page on the business category. The B-V-I Guide is committed to providing the most complete listing for the BVI. Graphical icon links may be provided for free by the editor as well in the interest of making the B-V-I Guide as attractive and informative as possible.

Ads are subject to approval.

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