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Caribbean’s best venue
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Long known as the sailing capital of the Caribbean, the BVI is the Caribbean’s best venue for windsurfing. Sailboats shouldn’t have all the fun!

World Class Windsurfing abounds in the BVI, a tropical archipelago, aided by those famous and constant tradewinds of old and local inter-island currents. All this in an ocean setting in the Lesser Antilles, but protected by that unique inland sea, the Sir Francis Drake Channel (pictured above is the race to Anegada at the HIHO-BVI Windsurfing Competition).

This windsurfing video clip is from Boardsailing BVI.

Yes, the BVI has great attributes for windsurfing, one of "Nature’s Least Known Secrets." Blessed with an abundance of island-to-island routes, these become the locale of a variety of race venues as well as interesting tour routes for recreational windsurfers.

Some of the various BVI venues are described below.

Trellis Bay. It is the windsurfing itself that surprises–one locale is equivalent to the best "gorge" windsurfing in the world. Boardsailing BVI reports: "The channel outside Trellis Bay on a perfect day is spectacular with 3-5′ faces and a ripping 2-3 knot current pushing you onto the ultimate beam broad reach. Either side of the channel is a flat water area to rest or carve your gybe."

Perhaps windsurfers make more of micro wind zones that the big boats only taste at moments.

Bitter End Windsurfer in Eustatia Sound

North Sound. A good day outing for the windsurfer enthusiast is to take the ferry to the Bitter End Yacht Club. Windsurfing is rated outstanding at Virgin Gorda’s Eustatia Sound as seen above with Eustatia Reef in the background (photo: Bitter End). Rent equipment there for the great windsurfing over to Prickley Pear Island and back. (rentals are also available at Leverick Bay resort).

The Dogs, a group of small islands off Virgin Gorda’s Beach Coast, has great windsurfing.

Peter Island has very good windsurfing between Peter and Norman islands.

Soper’s Hole is noted for great "flat water blasting."

Jost Van Dyke at Sandy Cay and Sandy Spit have great windsurfing.

Anegada, the coral reef island, is favored by Walker, pictured here:

If you are looking for the best windsurfing location in the BVI, Anegada is the place. The wind is very consistent and undisturbed, since there are no mountains nearby. Setting Point and Pomato Point have excellent wind and side-shore conditions. Near shore, the water is very flat, making for excellent speed sailing. Further out, near the reef, there is very nicely shaped chop. While shredding off Setting Point, Walker had a spotted leopard ray leap out of the water and literally fly across just in front of the board — a VERY impressive sight.

Fantastic trips to Anegada are organized by Boardsailing BVI’s owner Jeremy Wright (yes, Jeremy surfs there–with boat support of course), windsurfing right off the beach from under the palms with family meals and tents or yachts to sleep in–isn’t life tough?

Nanny Cay is the site of another Boardsailing BVI rental location for windsurfing at adjacent Sea Cow’s Bay. Also at Nanny Cay’s Red Shed, Last Stop Sports (email 494-0564) rents windsurfers. See their BVI winds.

Cane Garden Bay has windsurfing rentals and is a nice spot to windsurf inside its reef.

HIHO-BVI Windsurfing Competition. This event, part adventure sport and part vacation party, illustrates that special BVI ambiance as a host: island-to-island routes, numerous beautiful beach locations as destinations, a fine flotilla of yachts affording accommodations so surprising to newcomers but so characteristic of the BVI, fine cuisine aboard as well as ashore at restaurants with their own distinct and authentic personalities. And parties at places like Foxy’s!

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