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The BVI is blessed with three of possibly the finest campgrounds in the world.

All three, Tortola’s Brewer’s Bay, Jost Van Dyke’s White Bay and Anegada’s Loblolly Bay are right on their respective beaches. This actually means the bluff above the beach. The beach itself is the inclined surface where the waves play themselves out.

Tortola. Brewer’s Bay Campground is on the Ocean Coast’s Brewer’s Bay. Brewer’s Bay has a rock seawall before the campground, but what a fine beach with its primitive, rugged aura of rocky cliffs enclosing the bay and often crashing surf!

Brewer’s Bay has a diversified canopy of palms and almonds as well as seagrapes. The campground goes along the beach and back to the shady road.

The culture of these campgrounds differ also. Brewer’s Bay has a following of people who are into nature and who have been coming for years. It has a beach bar and restaurant that features traditional local food. Carl Parsons, the owner/manager is quite into traditional life in the BVI.

Jost Van Dyke. White Bay Campground is at White Bay. At White Bay, the vegetation is diverse and the campground stretches back up the hillside with small cabins and tent platforms in the tropical woods, naturalistically landscaped by Ivan who is quite a naturalist, who also has "plantations" for tropical fruits that are sold at his stand in Great Harbour.

White Bay has the Local Flavor Stress Free beach bar, an honor bar with some refreshments, etc. The photos on the walls attest to the happy musical jam sessions and beach fun experienced here.

White Bay likewise has a reef, somewhat more effective that Brewer’s Bay, nevertheless resulting in that classic, restful surf.

Anegada. Mac’s Place Camping at Loblolly Bay, Neptune’s Treasure and Pomato Point are all on Anegada.

Loblolly Bay, a completely unique location in the BVI, is a coral island meeting the vast Atlantic on its ocean coast. Built completely from coral, Anegada’s reef, visibly demarcated by its famous line of white surf a hundred yards or so off the beach, forms a series of ocean lagoons as the bay’s crescent shape meets points of land on each side. So the "surf" here often merely laps the beach.

The Loblolly Bay habitat produces some of the finest seagrape trees, shaped by use into tent canopies. The campground tends to stretch along the beach, more than back from it, in this all sand shore, covered with a variety of low succulent plantlife, especially the beautiful bay lavender. Why not? There are miles of beach here.

Yes, this is campground paradise!

Fitness Centers.
Tortola. Fort Recovery Estates
(495-4467) at Tortola’s West End has daily yoga classes on the dock ($10 per person) and therapeutic massage with Pamelah Jacobson who specializes in Swedish, Shiatsu and Reflexology massage ($65 per hour).
Prospect Reef Resort has Thalasso-Spa, a full-service European-style thalasso therapy spa at Prospect Reef near Road Town.
Long Bay Beach Resort at Tortola’s North Beach Coast has fitness training as well.

Peter Island. Peter Island Resort has a full service fitness and massage therapy center is located on Deadman"s Bay beach on Peter Island.

Virgin Gorda. Leverick Bay Resort at the North Sound has the Sviva Spa, offering traditional and contemporary therapies to women and men, including full body massage, reflexology, facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing and many more spa services in packages or specially designed.

While the nearest golf course (spectacular Mahogany Run designed by Tom Fazio) is about an hour away by ferry, the BVI has Pitch & Putt golf at
Prospect Reef Resort at Prospect Reef near Road Town and at Long Bay Beach Resort at Tortola’s North Beach Coast.

The beautiful natural environment of the BVI is sometimes overlooked due to the focus on the water.

Tortola. Mount Sage National Park is outstanding. Trunk Bay is the reward for this hike on the Ocean Coast. The Back Road to Smuggler’s Cove makes an excellent road hike. Mt. Healthy Windmill National Park has a short trail with interesting plants and wildlife.

Virgin Gorda. Places as unlikely as the waterworld North Sound offers splendid hiking trails, including those at Biras Creek, the Bitter End, Prickley Pear Island (a national park) and the circular Trail of Palms at Mosquito Island.

And the very aquatic Baths has hiking trails to Devil’s Bay and Stoney’s Bay. Gorda Peake has excellent trails, mahogany trees and orchids, picnic tables and a lookout tower.

Jost Van Dyke. At Great Harbour, there is the "Bypass" Stroll as well as the White Bay Walk over the mountain to White Bay. Also, the owner of Nature’s Basket (495-9312), Ivan Chinnery, sometimes conducts walks to his own plantation where he grows mangoes, papayas, pineapples and bananas. At Little Harbour, there is a small hiking mountain.

Horseback Riding.
ShadowStablesRidersIcon(Bev).jpg (5528 bytes)Ride in the sky at Shadow Stables (494-2262) on Ridge Road just east of Skyworld. Also, the Ellis Thomas Riding School (494-4442) at Sea Cow Bay’s race track. Fantasic trail rides go along the ridges and down to the beaches (photo of riders from Shadow Stables on Cane Garden Bay’s beach from Bev’s BVI site).

There is horseracing at the track in Sea Cow’s Bay once a month beginning August 3. See picture.

Tennis courts are generally available for guests for free and for a fee for others. Long Bay Beach Resort at Tortola’s North Beach Coast has an active tennis program and a special tennis travel package. Prospect Reef Resort at Prospect Reef near Road Town has six courts.
Peter Island. Peter Island Resort on Peter Island has one of the best pros in the Caribbean.
Virgin Gorda. Leverick Bay Resort has complimentary tennis for its guests on its newly re-surfaced astroturf tennis court. Mahoe Bay villas have tennis.

Ultralight Flying.
Ultralight Flight Adventures
(495-2311 email) offers flights from the Anegada Reef Hotel over Horseshoe Reef for $60 per person in a two-seater state-of-the-art ultralight with an experienced pilot. Flights are also available from the Sand Box beach bar at Prickly Pear Island over the Eustatia Sound and Reef.

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