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This sea of tropical islands naturally has a myriad of water-related activities, including every kind of sailing, watersports such as windsurfing, diving, fishing, surfing–see Water-Related Activities.

Beautiful beaches are everywhere for sunbathing, wading, snorkeling over the ever-present reefs as well as beachcombing and shell collecting.

See Families in Paradise for these and other favorite family activities including lizard and hermit crab hunting, the Kids Treasure Hunt at The Caves, attracting bananaquits with sugar and, yes, even camping.

Activities on land include biking, hiking and even horseback riding.

Yes, a great many activities are available in the BVI–truly the place for an active and interesting vacation.

Stargazing. A magnificent celestial dome seen from near the equator, the Caribbean sky appears enormous, being seen in the tropical latitudes. The relatively low level of ambient light makes viewing all the better. There is an antique observatory at Skyworld. A great book on stargazing is Soap Operas of the Sky. And here’s a view of the Virgins from the ski, courtesy of NASA.

To BVI Regattas For All Sailors.

Land taxis vary from the usual cars to jeeps and the colorful, open "safari buses." Taxi service is widely available in the BVI.

Car and Jeep Rentals. Car and Jeep Rentals are widely available in the BVI, except not at the Beef Island Airport. Car rentals are more often than not actually jeeps, especially the popular "sporty" jeeps, due to the vigorous hills and other terrain.

Ferry Service. Ferry service is widely available–see In Island Transportation.

Guest Launches. In addition to the usual courtesy land transportation, innkeepers often provide water launches for their guests, especially to outlying island locations.

Water Taxis. Water Taxis are an exciting, but sometimes essential, means of travel.

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