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The British Virgin Islands
AmazonAuctionsStaticButton.gif (1612 bytes)are a paradise waiting to be discovered. Compared to the American Virgin Islands, their next-door cousins, the BVIs have a small native population and, typically, small resorts, inns and villas.

The cover photo (credit: Dan Burch), was taken from Mt. Sage with the view toward Tortola’s northern beach coast.

MBI-Lodging2.jpg (2808 bytes)Here is the place for a vacation! Getting away from it all is easy in the islands, given the variety of lodging, from the elegant luxury resort to the affordable kitchenette. And beautiful villas.

Dining in the islands is quite an event, partly for the fun of getting there and partly for the settings which favor seabreezes and verandas. MBI-Dining2.jpg (2845 bytes)The menus vary from local West Indian cooking with giant Anegada lobster feasts to fine Continental French and Florentine cuisine. See The Cuisine of the Islands about this fabulous food.

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Known for its beautiful white sand beaches, the islands are the location of many Natural Wonders.

And these islands, cays and bays, some 50 in all, naturally have some of the best diving and snorkeling MBI-Activities.jpg (2750 bytes)in the world. And shopping and a myriad of Activities to choose from.

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This archipelago, a tropical Aegean Sea of many islands, is a Sailor’s Paradise, the sailboat chartering capital of the Caribbean, and home of the world’s most varied and luxurious crewed charters. At least, try a Day Sail!

So let’s take a tour of the islands:–by sail icon of course!

"Treasure Island" of storybook legend, the fabled Wreck of the Rhone dive site, the famous "Baths," the waterworld North Sound, the sparkling isle of Marina Cay, the jewel known as Cane Garden Bay, the incomparable Soper’s Hole–let’s tour!

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Also, don’t miss Jost Van Dyke, the "barefoot" island, Anegada, the coral atoll, Peter Island, the elegant island resort, Guana Island, the wildlife sanctuary, and Virgin Gorda’s beautiful Beach Coast!

Let’s go to the main island of Tortola, noted for its beauty, and take a land tour of its famed North Beach Coast and its wild Ocean Coast!
MBI-RoadTown2.jpg (3129 bytes)And we can’t miss a visit the harbour Capital and its environs– all roads in the BVIs lead to Road Town.
MBI-IslandMusic.gif (1902 bytes)What would the islands be without nightlife and music? Reggae, soca, steel bands, even fungi–it’s here.
MBI-BVIBooks.gif (1888 bytes)Want to learn more? Here is a bookstore dedicated to the BVI.

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