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Start your own mini travel agency and earn money for your page by having your web site visitors buy boat chartering and vacation accommodations through B-V-I Travel Online.

Logo-BVITravelOnlineTP2.gif (2432 bytes)The B-V-I Travel Guide has links to the widest variety of sites with information about the British Virgin Islands, including accommodations throughout the islands.

For sailors, we have the following logo and link:

The B-V-I Sailing Guide has links to the widest variety of sites with information about the British Virgin Islands, espeically links of interest to sailors including chartering in the islands.

If you are making specific recommendations at your site about a chartering company or accommodation, consider placing our travel agency link next to your recommendation. Remember the public, for good reason, generally trusts the first hand account of someone who had an excellent vacation.

Reserve a place to vacation or charter a boat through B-V-I Travel Online and get a travel agency commission discount of 10% for your favorite organization (provided they place our Link and Logo on their site).

Or place this clickable 21k banner animation on your site.

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Right click on the logo you have chosen and save it to a file. Select the associated text and use the Copy command and then the Paste command under Edit to put the text into your web site with your favorite web authoring program. Likewise, insert the logo as an image to your page. Make sure the link is functional.

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