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Hits are the most widely publicized measure of  web site traffic. Our statistics program defines a Hit as "any request by a Web Browser for data such as a web page, bitmap, CGI or file." All of the B-V-I Guide's statistics are automatically generated by Statistics Server 4.0 by MediaHouse Software Inc. Although they have drawbacks, hits are often published and are used for rough comparison purposes.

Many pages have page counters. Page counters are notoriously inaccurate since, not only can the starting or other numbers be set to any number, but a simple refresh command or revisit can increase the numbers.  Nor do page counters show traffic volume by time periods.

August 2000

Hits. The B-V-I Guide had 511,817 hits in August 2000, based on its average of  16,510 hits per day during the reporting period.

General Statistics

Date & Time This Report was Generated Thursday August 31, 2000 - 00:14:44
Timeframe 07/31/00 20:01:30 - 08/31/00 00:13:02
Number of Successful Hits for Entire Site 511817
Average Number of Hits per Day 16510

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