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Charter Yacht Society's
Charter BoatShow

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Bringing them in! The dinghy crew assists the big boats.

The Charter Yacht Society's Annual BoatShow for crewed charter yachts and yacht brokers is always a smashing success!

Showcasing yachts for brokers at Road Town's Village Cay Marina in November each year, the show includes benefit dinners, fashion shows, live music, cocktail parties, a Purveyors Sampling night, vendor booths, buffet breakfasts and more.

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Endless Summer II
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Charter Yacht Heaven! The most varied, lavishly appointed, well-run, sleek, interesting, magnificient charter yachts in the world--the superlatives cannot match these boats!

These yachts are in show form, often given a complete going over on the hard, but always polished, fitted and presented with great attention to detail.

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Brokers Hard at Work!
The importance of the yacht broker cannot be underestimated in matching their client's needs and the right charter for a happy vacation. Also, the broker often has unique sales ability. The BoatShow is a great way to improve marketing.
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So what harm is a little fun?
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Village Cay Marina & Restaurant
The place to be with dockside dining
and the boats a few steps away!
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Elegant Interiors
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Tastefully furnished by talented designers, the interior beauty of these yachts is overwhelming. Add to that the friendly crews, especially the professional chefs whose gorgeous and delicious wares were often on display for sampling--what a marvelous vacation choice! See the B-V-I Guide's Crewed Charters here.
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  It's the captain who makes it all happen. Yes, it is a kind of performance art. Yet the obvious love of life makes all the difference.
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KMark at Purveyors' Sampling Night. Good food makes all the difference on a cruise, and great cuisine makes a holiday memorable! The BVI is fortunate to have gifted provisioning companies. Notice the guests jumping right in!

Bring On the Food!
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A French crew got stuck at Riteway's wine sampling station. Here's a toast to beautiful . . . err, weather.

And here's a toast, for a great BoatShow, to the committee, its chairman, dockmaster Jerry Bean, and especially, permanent CYS secretary Janet Oliver, whose wonderful personality and dedication is indispensable.

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