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A unique tropical archipelago

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In the "country part" of Tortola, the Trellis Bay/Marina Cay archipelago, this intimate sea of many isles, has a primeval quality given by its enclosure by surrounding small mountain islands. In the foreground is Bellamy Cay.
  Trellis Bay.  A shimmering sea of azure blue with emerald reefs, the Trellis Bay area off Beef Island is an entirely different experience arriving by water and is a good destination on the sailing tour.

The next best thing is a fabulous ferry ride to Marina Cay to dine or dive, snorkel or stay (photo credit: Baskin In The Sun).

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Airport and Ferries. Adjoining the Beef Island Airport on Tortola, Trellis Bay is a alternative pick-up for passengers, especially boaters.
Next to the colorful Trellis Bay Market is the dock for the North Sound Express (495-2138, see schedule).
  Trellis Bay Dock.          
  Marina Cay Ferry. It's free (494-2174). Take any road to the Tortola's East End, go over the Beef Island bridge and left past the airport to the Trellis Bay dock.   Scrub Island Resort Ferry. The Scrub Island Resort's private launch also departs from the Trellis Bay dock.      

Trellis Kitchen (and Cybercafe), close by for airport travelers and  "Home of the Awesome Sandwich," features jerk chicken, pepperpot soup and great seafood (photo: Trellis Kitchen).


Trellis Bay Market
sits under a clump of palms visible from the airport.
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Sit on the front porch and have a cold drink or snack with a great view of the bay. Ice, gifts, wine and spirits are also available.
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Bellamy Cay.
In the middle of Trellis Bay, Bellamy Cay hosts The Last Resort (495-2520), considered a must-stop location by many.

An English buffet is featured, together with the entertainment of Peter Merrigan, a British comedian replacing the famed Tony Shell.

Call for pickup by its launch.


Once Blanco Islet, Bellamy Cay is named for
a famous
Black Sam Bellamy, Prince of Pirates. Careening (repairing) and carousing, and barbecuing Beef Island cattle, Black Sam used this cay as his base to prey on prizes sailing up The Channel.

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This authentic Carib Indian made 35' dugout canoe, Gli Gli, the largest in the Caribbean and the subject of a TV specials, is available for chartered canoe trips ($65 per person with traditional Carib Indian dishes for lunch, 495-1849).

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Pictured with Aragorn are visiting Carib Indians Jacon Fredericks and John Francis from Dominica who helped build the canoe.


AragornStudioFrontIcon.jpg (4805 bytes)Aragorn Studio
(more) is down the beach. BVIslander artist Aragorn makes copper and steel iconographic sculptures and sells to the boats individually designed T-shirts, such as the very popular woodcut print on canvas with hand-painted background seen here.

Carib Indian-made baskets, calabash with seeds, and "root snakes" are also available as well as ceramic jewelry and Italian fashion clothing make by local artist Fedirica.

The Fruit Depot at Aragorn has locally grown fruits.


Turtle Tide



Local Arts Centre


Beachcomber's Dream
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A beach meant for exploring, just head down the beach and through the thicket to de loose Mongoose. Pay special attention to the marine life around the small rocky outcroppings. There is good snorkeling here away from TrellisBayBeachcomberIcon.jpg (2731 bytes)boat traffic, with a large seagrass bed for exploring by water. The small reef at the point is excellent for beginners in calm weather with its miniature canyons.
Still beyond, look for bonefish "tailing" in the  mud flats.

  Flukes Designs Workshop (495-2043 web site), next to the Trellis Bay Market, has coasters, cutting boards, maps, prints, watercolours and cards. This artist, Roger Ellis, is carried in shops around the islands, and he has a worldwide following (above: Fisherman's House print).
World Class Windsurfing. Trellis Bay boasts some of the best windsurfing in the islands and BVI Watersports (495-2447 email) has a location here. A good place to learn also. Also try that exciting new sport-- kiteboarding!

Warning Before you try to dingy across the channel between calm Trellis Bay and Marina Cay, be aware that this is a world class windsurfing "gorge" with 3-5' wave faces from the effect of the tradewinds against the ripping 2-3 knot current--see windsurfing music video. On the other hand, this represents most excellent boardsailing conditions, dude!

Sea Kayaking. BVI Watersports (495-2447 email) also rents singles, doubles and sit on tops with optional backrests (see prices). See Jeremy for secret spots and great places to explore, including camping tours and coast runs to Brewers Bay, Jost's White Bay or the West End (with pick up).

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Trellis Bay Full Moon Parties!      

Aragorn lights the
fireball sculpture, a
Haitian-inspired artwork.



This family-oriented event, now every Friday, steeped in traditional culture, features moko jumbee stilt dancers,
limbo contests, fire jugglers,  local musicians, buffet dinners (see gallery) and the fireball sculptures--a visual treat, especially to boaters out in the bay (see video clip).
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A quintessential tropical bed & breakfast, the Beef Island Guest House (495-2303) is located right on the bay--a favorite of pilots and discerning guests from all over the world for overnight stays and quick getaways.

de loose Mongoose
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Adjoining the Beef Island Guest House, de loose Mongoose is a favorite of many. Often seen here are local boating stars like Trish Bailey, the captain of Serendipity. The outdoor gazebo bar has a 32" tv for sports. Try its house drink, the "No-see-um" rum punch.

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Opening to an archipelago dotted with small mountain peaks, Trellis Bay leads out to tiny Marina Cay, itself surrounded by Beef Island, Great and Little Camanoe, Scrub Island and, further on, Guana Island and Tortola's Ocean Coast.

Attractions in this area include the Scrub Island Resort, Spa and Marina, with the Caravela and Tierra!Tierra! restaurants and its swim-up beach bar, Great Camanoe's Diamond Reef and day anchorage with snorkeling at Lee Bay, Beef Island's secluded beach at Long Bay or  spectacular beach at Lambert Bay, Guana's White Bay and Monkey Point, and scenic passages whose island shores are lined by extensive emerald reefs.

A Sea of Islands

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This is a great area to tour by water, whether by sailboat, sea kayak or daysailor. By land, a rewarding time is a trip to Lambert Bay with a spectacular beach and a resort restaurant. Or, go off the beaten path to Long Bay at Beef Island for a secluded and pristine beach. Try an excursion via the ferries at the Trellis Bay dock. The Scrub Island Resort restaurants and beach bar can be reached by the ferry to Scrub Island. Also, a simple ferry ride to Marina Cay captures the best of every world.

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MarinaCayPanorama2.jpg (11595 bytes)

This island republic (Cuervo Nation), a tropical garden with its own culture and a unique history, is a study in contrasts, like the dappled shade on its lovely walks. Famous for Robb White's Two on the Isle, a true-life love story mixed with Robinson Crusoe, the spirit of this romantic adventure still pervades Marina Cay (email 494-2174) --a human yearning for the elemental, to make a connection with a lover, to touch life before it slips away.
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Details. Here a Pina Colada is made with the rim dipped in Coco Lopez creme of coconut and then raw grated coconut.

MarinaCayPorchsideGrillPinaColadaIcon.jpg (6496 bytes)


Offering excellent dining over the beach, Pusser's Porch (494-2174) features favorites such as salt fish cakes, baby back ribs, jerk MarinaCayPorchsideGrillLoungeIcon.jpg (10172 bytes)chicken, lobster, conch chowder,  and fresh fish--from   Bahamian Coconut Fried to Jamaican Escoveitche.

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Robb White Bar
MarinaCaySunsetBarViewIcon3.jpg (10971 bytes)

The original building still stands atop the island as the backdrop for the Robb White Bar with spectacular views. We drink to celebrate great adventures and failed romances. Bartender Lance's favorite drink, the Ferngully, is named for a Jamacian rainforest.

The masonry cottage built by Robb and his bride Rodie when they came to live on the isle in 1936, is now a lending library and peaceful reading room.

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Marina Cay

A tropical garden

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Pusser's Company Store, located in the building pictured here, offers a great selection of clothing, nautical items, the famous Pusser's rum and much more.

Dinghy Dock and Ferry
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Yachtman's Services. Marina Cay is a favorite of yachtsmen and has moorings in the protected area behind the island/reef, fuel, ice, water, a laundromat, trash facilities and delightful masonry showers with private sitting area.

During Hurricane Georges, this building was seen from the opposite shore to be completely covered by the storm surge and spray--most of the other docks were destroyed, but are completely rebuilt.

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Marina Cay features snorkeling right off the beach on its fabulous reef, small boat rentals, including Hobie Cats and kayaks (photo: Tradewinds Cruise Club). Deep-sea fishing, sightseeing and inter-island tours can be arranged.

Diamond Reef on nearby Great Camanoe (north of the dock) is great for beginning divers and snorkelers as well as an exquisite night dive. In the sand next to the reef is a colony of garden ells, looking like sea grass. Good for up-close views of coral head "homes" and a mini-wall. Anchor in the sand.
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These young ladies, holding up their resort course cards, their newly braided hair a little worse for the wear, are estatic after scuba diving the Wreck of the Rhone, in their first ever scuba dive.
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  Diving Paradise. The experience of going down to a reef, an underwater fantasy land, cannot be underestimated. Beginnings can do shallow dives in a single day in what are called resort courses.

DiveBVIatMarinaCayShopIcon.jpg (8952 bytes)Dive BVI, (email 495-9363) one of the best dive companies in the islands, offers diving and snorkeling trips.

Marina Cay is a great place to go to dive! After diving, get a drink at the Robb White Bar or a bite at Pusser's Porch Grill. Also, see the Dive BVI packages for diving and staying right on the island--an incomparable experience!

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Scrub Island Resort


Scrub Island Resort is an exciting destination. Take the resort's hourly launch from the Trellis Bay dock. Non-resort guests are welcome.


      A  luxury resort near Trellis Bay (with the view above to Marina Cay), the Scrub Island Resort has marina slips up to 160', rooms, suites, and villas,  the Caravela restaurant and bar, the casual, open-air Tierra! Tierra! restaurant, the swim-up pool bar (with waterfall and pool slide), Ixora spa and fitness center, gourmet market and café, boutique, and Dive BVI shop.  

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